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At the hospital, Kayla finds Sami sitting with the mystery patient. Lucas arrives for support. He’s sorry  he didn’t come to her sooner but he has a baby daughter with Bonnie Lockhart. Sami’s confused. Lucas explains the whole story. Sami’s in shock. She sees photos and thinks the baby’s adorable but wonders if it’s real. Lucas assures he had a DNA test. Speaking of which, Sami is off to get DNA from Susan so she can match it with the mystery patient.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Susan, Rex, Maggie and Sarah have breakfast as Susan tells Rex that she had a premonition of him holding a “bambino” in his arms. Rex says he was holding his niece. Susan says she saw those cheekbones. He has a baby in his near future. Sarah says she’s not pregnant. Rex sees Susan’s Marlena doll and asks about it. She tells them it was for a friend who got shot on her wedding day. She’s not leaving until she gives it to her. Rex and Sarah’s eyes widen. Susan goes and they laugh. Rex admits he does want babies. Sarah jokes that doing it in front of her mother is like waving honey under a bear’s nose. Maggie asks to throw them an engagement party. Sarah asks if it’s too soon after Nicole’s passing but Maggie thinks she’d approve. They’ll do it tonight. In the foyer, Susan lets Sami in and asks her not to kill her. Sami has been reflecting. She now forgives her for what she did to Will and Susan apologizes for trying to turn Will into Elvis. Sami stares at Susan’s hair and moves for a hug. Susan jumps back and lets out a screech. She claims she has a cold. They discuss the Marlena doll. “Oh my God that’s crazy,” Sami says when she realizes it’s identical to her mother’s looks. Susan frowns, “Crazy likeness of my mother,” Sami says, covering. Susan tells her the hair is her own. Sami grins, thinking this is “just perfect.” Susan is heading to the hospital to give it to Marlena. Sami reminds her she has a cold and that her mom can only receive family members. Susan gives her the doll to bring to Marlena. Once Sami’s outside, she’s happy for the DNA. Inside, Rex and Sarah kiss and talk about marrying soon. Susan comes upon them and asks if they’re sure she’s not pregnant. Sarah says they are.

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At Mandalay, Chloe admits to Belle she suspects Mimi is really Baby Bonnie’s mother. Belle clears her throat, startled, then lies that Mimi can’t have kids. Chloe goes on to tell her about the comment Bonnie made about Lucas passing out before sex then how she changed her story. Belle brushes it off. There was a DNA test done. Chloe sighs. She’s sorry for putting Belle in an awkward position.

At the Inn, Mimi’s angry that her mother is bonnie lays on couchsabotaging the custody case. Lucas arrives and Bonnie flirts with him as she asks to try to get along for Baby Bonnie’s sake. Once Lucas is gone, they talk about Chloe and Lucas separating. Bonnie calls her Ghoul Girl and Mimi asks her not to call her that. She’s not proud of how she treated Chloe in high school.

Mimi takes her kid for a walk to the square. Nearby, Chloe shakes her head at the scene, thinking she looks very motherly. She and Belle approach Mimi and Belle admits they were discussing the custody case. Belle asks her to let it go so Chloe apologizes. She’s extra emotional because of Nicole’s death. Belle and Mimi leave. Mimi leaves behind a water bottle and Chloe bags it.

Lucas returns to the Salem Inn and when he sees the baby gone, he blasts Bonnie’s lousy mothering skills. Bonnie just needed some rest and asks to work on their relationship. Lucas agrees to get along.

In the park, Belle shares that Chloe thinks Mimi’s Bonnie’s mom. Mimi begs her not to let Chloe find out the truth.

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Chloe and Sami rush to Kayla at the hospital with the items they want to be tested. Kayla’s head spins.

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