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Ben walks up to a sleeping Ciara and caresses her arm. She awakens and he thanks her for believing in him when nobody else did. Ciara says he already thanked her. Before he gets out of her life permanently, he wants her to know that he has deep feelings for her. They almost kiss when Ciara wakes up and touches her lips. “Woah,” she pants, telling herself to get it together. Shirtless Tripp appears with coffee. tripp ciara kissCiara flushes, remembering her dream. She shares that she had a dream but lies that she can’t recall what it was about. He brings up Ben leaving the loft. Ciara kicked him out for them because they’re finally happy and she wants them to stay that way. They profess their love and kiss, then after sex, they banter and smooch then decide to go out to eat.

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At Mandalay, Claire offers Ben free breakfast since he’s broke. While he dines, she rants about how lucky he is to have moved out because Tripp and Ciara have spent most of their time either in bed or being “lovey dovey.” Ben is clearly uncomfortable and shouts, “Enough!” He apologizes. He tells Claire that Ciara asked him to move out so Tripp didn’t feel uncomfortable. Claire assumes Ciara’s trying to hide her feelings for Ben and trying to convince herself and everyone else that she’s not into him. Claire thinks Ben could have her if he wanted her. Ben disagrees. Claire knows he loves Ciara. “I can assure you, I didn’t plan on that happening,” he confesses, but, “I killed three people. I tried to kill Will.” It’s not like he could be with her at a Brady reunion. Claire wants to conspire together to break up Ciara and Tripp. Ben can’t fight for Ciara. He’ll look like the predator everyone thinks he still is. Claire convinces him to work with her though he thinks he’ll regret it. When they’re shaking on it, Ciara and Tripp walk up and ask what’s going on.

Hope gives Rafe a good morning snuggle at SPD. Rafe updates that they’ve cops in three states searching for Kristen and Xander and he likes JJ for the crime of setting Ben up in the arson case. His motivation could be revenge for Ben murdering Paige. Hope finds that hard to swallow.

At Alice’s, JJ and Abigail discuss Chad finding a black wig in her room. She’s angry that he was in there without her permission and assumes Gabi had something to do with it. Abs knows Gabi hasn’t forgiven her for sending her to prison and assumes Gabs still has feelings for Chad. Abby knows she’s not having episodes because she doesn’t feel the same as she did last time. She accuses Gabi of setting her up because she didn’t buy that wig on debit or credit card. Neither is sure how Gabi could have sent the text to Stefan though. When JJ gets a text from Hope, he has to go.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, chad and gabiGabi asks Chad what happened when he was visiting Abigail. He shows her the wig he found under Abby’s bed. Gabi feigns shock as he stammers and tells her he showed Jennifer and that when confronted, Abby said she would talk to Marlena. Gabi reminds Chad of the nasty things Abby’s alters have done. She suggests Chad commit her because she could be a danger to herself or others. Chad says he has faith in Abigail and finds that drastic. He goes and Gabi holds the wig and decides to go to plan B. She calls Abigail and invites her over. Once they disconnect, Gabi drugs Abigail’s tea.

At SPD, JJ’s questioned in the arson case. JJ admits he has motive for wanting Ben behind bars but he didn’t do it. Hope believes him. He goes and Hope suddenly realizes who it was.

JJ runs into Chad at Brady’s pub. They discuss Abigail’s mental state. JJ starts to tell Chad about Abigail’s theory.

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