Kate bumps into Sami in the square. Sami runs off to follow a lead on EJ.

In the Nashville warehouse, Xander strolls through the basement to visit the room marked E.D. He wheels the mystery patient, (played by Trey Baxter), down the hall to where Kristen is waiting. She thinks the patient is looking well and tells him he’s come a long way in the past few years. Xander waves his hand at the patient and says he’s a ‘turnip’. As Kristen complains about Sami, the patient twitches. She yells, “Sami,” in his face until he grabs her hand. Kristen thinks that’s a good sign. He goes limp. Elsewhere, Brady wakes up on the floor and notices the security pad has been blown. He recalls having been shocked then checks his messages. Kristen left one saying how much she misses him. Brady grabs a crowbar and tries to wedge the door open. When that doesn’t work, he kicks it in. As he wanders the warehouse, he peeks around a corner and sees Kristen and Xander with the patient. Brady flashes back to asking Kristen about Elvis being alive. After Xander wheels the patient away, Brady accidentally knocks something over and makes a commotion. He runs off and Kristen goes looking. Later, Brady enters the room marked E.D., squints and says, “EJ?”

At the apartment, Eric and Nicole kiss and he promises that she will be free of Xander soon. He vows to find the recordings. They sit on the couch and recall their time in the cabin. Eric promises he won’t let go of her this time. “Today is the first day of the rest of our lives together.” They make out, take off their clothes, and make love. After, she tells him how she made a life there with Holly and longed to see him again. Eventually, Xander showed up and her life became a nightmare. It killed her to think that Eric believed she didn’t love him. She thinks he should leave in case Xander comes home early. He refuses. Nicole begs and reminds him he needs to find the recordings. He’s afraid that Xander will have sex with her. She says Xander only wants her because he knows he can’t have her. They get dressed and he promises not to be far away. She’s having second thoughts about him leaving. Eric assures her this is the beginning of their new life and hands her a necklace to protect her. There’s a knock. When Nicole opens the door, Sami maces her.

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In the apartment, Mimi lectures her mom for costing her her daughter. Bonnie assures her they will find a way to get the baby back. Mimi rants about Chloe, worried she’ll be working her charms on her little girl. Bonnie reminds that she owes her. It’s a good thing the DNA matched up. Mimi says the baby’s daddy is irrelevant and orders her mom to go and get the baby. Then they will split up and Lucas can chase after Bonnie. Mimi makes it clear that she doesn’t want her mom to see the baby again. “We love each other best from afar,” Mimi says. That makes sense to Bonnie, who expresses her love for all she’s done then leaves.

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At Doug’s Place, Chloe and Lucas hang out with Baby Bonnie. He’s happy to be a father again. It hurt him so much when Sami took Ali away. He calls his mom. When Kate arrives, she’s not happy to see Chloe. Lucas introduces her granddaughter. Kate’s noticed Chloe has been looking ‘zaftig lately’ but demands to know who the mom really is. She thinks the child’s name is hideous. Lucas explains how he drunkenly slept with Bonnie and is being blackmailed. He believes good things can come out of bad mistakes. Kate rolls her eyes then comments the child looks a bit like Philip. She urges Lucas to work out a custody arrangement with Bonnie quick and asks Chloe how she feels about this. The diva’s thrilled to have a baby in her life. Kate leaves to ask Justin how to deal with Bonnie and Chloe agrees to take the baby for a walk while Lucas waits for Bonnie. Once he’s alone, Bonnie appears and learns the baby’s not there. Lucas warns she’s not going to have rights over the child for long.

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Chloe sings to the baby in the park. Mimi interrupts in disgust.

At home, Jenn calls Kayla and asks if she can get Abby in to see Marlena, or at least get a referral. Maggie shows up with cookies, eager to talk about Eric. Maggie is surprised when Jenn admits she kept the truth about Nicole from Eric. That makes sense; Maggie lied to him too. She explains that Eric went to find Nicole in Nashville. Jenn tells her she always knew that his heart belonged to Nicole. Her aunt hates seeing people she loves suffer. Maggie tells her about Lucas’ complicated situation. Jenn admits she still loves Eric but it wasn’t meant to be.

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