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At the loft, Ciara packs up Ben’s suitcase and bemoans being Ben’s victim and forcing Tripp and Claire to live with him. tripp and ciara kissingThe fire alarm goes off and smoke billows from the kitchen. They rush to toss out the burnt toast and are glad at least that the quiche survived. Ciara feels guilty about letting Ben into their lives and says it’s no wonder Tripp kissed the first hot girl who paid him attention, because she kept siding with Ben. They discuss their history and if Tripp knew she was raped, he’d have handled things differently. Ciara says it’d have been easier on him if she didn’t act so tough. They share a moment and kiss.

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From SPD, Rafe calls Shawn to confirm the fingerprint on the can of the accelerant was Ben’s because they need to ensure their evidence is legit. Hope overhears part of the conversation and asks why he’s talking to Shawn about one of their cases. Rafe stammers before admitting Shawn’s checking the fingerprint on the can to see if it was planted – to protect her. Hope swears her innocence and Rafe believes her.

John sits at Marlena’s bedside in the old wing of the hospital. He places photos on a table and lets her know that if she wakes up kristen aims to shoot Hattie who she thinks is marlenawhen he’s not there, she’ll see her family. He talks about how everyone is over the moon with her “miraculous” recovery when all he feels is his heart breaking for living this lie. Roman appears. John says there’s no change yet. Roman says Kayla took the specialist in to see Paul. They hope for good news. John asks if Roman thinks he did the right thing by ignoring Marlena’s advance directive. Roman thinks he knows what Marlena would want. John’s pretty certain she wouldn’t agree with what he’s about to do. He tells Roman about Hattie pressuring him to marry her and the blackmail. He asks Roman for help. Roman says to marry her. It won’t be legal. John muses that it feels like a betrayal of Doc but Roman assures that Marlena would understand. Meanwhile, in her own room, Hattie hums the Wedding March, excited for the wedding until she turns to see Kristen DiMera in scrubs. Hattie’s terrified. She moves to use the call button when Kristen takes out a gun. She’s there to finish the job Sami couldn’t. Hattie reveals she’s Hattie Adams and though Kristen has heard the name, she doesn’t believe it. Hattie explains that she’s taking Marlena’s place and that Marlena’s likely hidden in the hospital. Kristen threatens her life if she reveals she saw her and goes. Later, John wanders in and sees Hattie under the covers. He asks what the hell is wrong with her and she keeps quiet. She asks him to sign a new marriage license. He very reluctantly signs.

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Belle meets Abe at the pub to ask him to officiate her parents’ wedding – now. Abe’s surprised Marlena doesn’t want to delay until she’s out of the hospital but agrees to it. Belle is glad. It’s helping to ease her guilt to give her mom what she wants. They embrace.

Stefan’s shocked to find Sami in Kristen’s sami and stefan in dungeondungeon room in the tunnels under the DiMera manse. He places a tray of breakfast on a table and Sami nibbles on a strawberry and demands he tell her where Kristen is. Stefan has no idea. Sami realizes Kristen is the one who locked her in there and runs off to find her.

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Belle and Abe stroll into “Marlena’s” hospital room. Abe hugs “Marlena,” and tells her Val’s going to drop by later. Hattie asks who Val is and everyone looks confused. She realizes her mistake and says she thought he said “Al.” She hugs Belle and is kind to her. john marries hattieWhen John takes out Marlena’s wedding rings, Hattie almost has a heart attack because they’re so beautiful. John tries to postpone things by saying they need to find Sami and Eric but Hattie won’t have it. Abe starts the proceedings and nobody notices that John’s cringing. Hattie rushes Abe to the ‘I dos’ and when Sami appears, Hattie throws up her hands and yells, “Don’t shoot!” Sami came to ensure Kristen didn’t return to finish her off. Hattie kicks her out. Back in Marlena’s room, Roman reassures her that she’s safe and goes to check on Paul.

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