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At the DiMera mansion, Stefan greets Sami. Shouldn’t she be in jail? Sami asks if he knows Kristen’s whereabouts. stefan captures samiHe claims to have no idea but she knows DiMeras are gifted liars. He’s heard the same about her. She reveals that Kristen told her EJ is alive and reiterates that she needs answers from Kristen. When he lies some more, Sami moves toward the tunnel door and Stefan picks her up and shoves her out the door.

Gabi skulks around outside Alice’s as inside, Abigail tells Chad on a call how sorry she is that she fell asleep and missed their date. Chad says they’ll try again tomorrow. They disconnect and Gabi smirks as Abigail drinks drugged tea and passes out. Gabi lets herself in and uses Abigail’s fingerprint to get into her cell phone to text Stefan to come over because she needs him.

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Eric arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to ask Maggie if she can tell him where Nicole is. He explains the entire story of Nicole being forced to leave town. Maggie is sorry but she hasn’t heard from Nicole in a while. Eric takes off and Maggie calls Nicole…

At Salem Inn, Brady’s shocked as Eve brady is pissed eve lied to himtells him that she and Victor worked together to ensure Brady got custody of Tate. Brady yells at her for losing his son and demands she spill everything. Eve tells him she knows about Nic’s confession tape and he asks why she didn’t use it. She wanted to but the tape is gone. She assumed he had it. Brady’s not sure he can forgive her. She betrayed him just like every other woman he’s been with. Eve scoffs that he betrayed his brother and reminds him of how he betrayed her. Angered, Brady goes to see Paul.

Outside the Brady’s pub, jj and jenn catch upJennifer tells JJ that she was keeping secrets from Eric and she’s finally come clean and believes their relationship to be over. JJ knows Eric’s forgiving. Jenn doesn’t think so. JJ hopes she’ll be alright.

Kate meets Chad at Doug’s Place and learns Abigail slept through their date. They agree it makes no sense since she was looking forward to it. Kate huffs, knowing Gabi must be involved. Chad mentions Abby’s apology. She’s been tired lately. Kate knows that’s normal with a pregnancy and encourages him to hang in there.

Back at Chez DiMera, Stefan texts Abigail that he’ll be right over. Once he’s gone, Sami lets herself in with her key,sami reunites with harold the butler laughing that he didn’t change the locks. Once inside, Harold greets her. He’s glad to see her and asks after the children, with whom she says are growing like weeds. Harold’s about to call Stefan to let him know she’s there but Sami tries to delay him, reminding him of all the good times they’ve had and how much he cared about EJ. If EJ came home, they could kick Stefan out of this house. “What a tragic thought,” Harold says, stoically. Sami needs to find Kristen but won’t tell Stefan if Harold looks the other way. Harold walks away and Sami goes into the tunnel.

Stefan pounds on Alice’s door and it wakes a groggy Abigail up. stefan visits abigailShe answers the door to Stefan, confused. He asks why she texted him. She tries to close the door but he shows her their text conversation. Abigail gets her phone and confirms it’s true but can’t recall doing so. Stefan suggests it was “Gabby.” Abigail denies it. She’s integrated. She lies that she sent that to JJ so he’d come over and fix Thomas’ tricycle but he didn’t show up. Now she knows why. Stefan is skeptical and offers to fix the bike but Abby shoos him out. Once he’s gone, she sends the same text to JJ.

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JJ bumps into Gabi at the square. She tells him that she confessed her real feelings about how Abigail ruined her life. JJ’s glad but is hopeful that they can work things out. Gabi respects Abby for having the courage to take responsibility for this and is glad to have her friend back. JJ’s glad. They embrace.

Jenn and Eric meet at the park. jenn returns eric's engagement ringHe can barely look at her with his red-rimmed eyes. She reveals she saw Brady and was worried about him. He’s been looking for Nicole. Jenn asks if that means he wants Nicole back again. Eric says nothing so Jenn surmises it’s over. Eric talks about Nicole’s desperate move to choose Hollie over him and Jenn admits she knows he never stopped loving Nicole. She hands over her engagement ring.

Gabi meets Kate at Doug’s Place. Kate assumes she’s responsible for Abigail turning into Sleeping Beauty. Gabi admits it’s true and her plan is working. Kate is on board as long as the baby and Chad aren’t hurt.

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JJ runs to Alice’s where Abby reveals she thinks her alters are returning.

Stefan returns home and Harold lies that there’s been no visitors, as Sami lets herself into Kristen’s room only to find it empty – and the door locked from the outside!

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