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At the hospital, “Marlena” john has words with hattiepressures John to marry her today, while Belle encourages the wedding. John argues that there’s no officiant. Hattie tells Belle to “get on the horn” and call Abe. She dons a southern accent and says, “Tell Abe to put on his marryin’ shoes because there’ll be a weddin’ today.” Belle laughs as John fake laughs. Belle runs off to call Abe. Once she’s out of the room, John pulls at his hair and asks Hattie what the hell she’s doing. She doesn’t want to go back in the slammer. They argue and Hattie threatens to tell all if he doesn’t comply. John underestimated her.

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Shawn stops by SPD to see Rafe about Ben Weston. They agree they’d be safer if he was locked up but shawn and rafe worry hope set Ben upShawn and Rafe both admit they’re not sure Hope didn’t plant that evidence. Rafe says he and Eli both searched the scene, and CSI. It’s unlikely that they’d all miss something so obvious. Rafe worries that when Ted Laurent hears about this, he’ll dig up everything he can about Hope to discredit her. Rafe says they need to do something about this.

Hope finds Ciara at the loft garage, cleaning her motorcycle. Hope thinks Bo would be proud that she’s taking such good care of it. Ciara says it helps her to feel closer to him. She opens up about being hurt that she believed in Ben when he set that cabin fire. Hope holds her and comforts her, noting that she has a big heart. Ciara grasps at straws, trying to figure out if ciara gets her motorbike ready for a ridemaybe he forgot he set it, since he was off his meds. Hope thinks everything Ben does is calculated. He repaired her bike, knowing it’d bring them closer together. “Everything that Ben Weston does is set up.” Ciara believes in her mama. Hope wishes Rafe did. Ciara tries to reassure her mom that Rafe loves her.

At Salem Inn, Eve grins as she flashes to Jennifer’s decision not to tell Eric the truth. She kisses Brady. They reminisce about their past together, their issues, and how they came to be in love. They make love. After, Theresa calls. Brady becomes angry during the call, telling his ex that she was supposed to bring Tate back to Salem. Theresa hangs up on him and Brady snipes to Eve that her sister is stealing his son. He says now that Kimberly’s brady and eve kissingcancer is gone, Theresa’s using the ‘full custody’ card. If those drugs weren’t planted in JJ’s apartment, he would still have his son. Eve looks guilty. Brady rants about Victor. Eve defends him, which doesn’t make sense to Brady. Eve offers to go to Theresa but Brady refuses, though he’s thrilled at the offer. She’s the only one he can count on.

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At Alice’s, Jennifer confesses to Eric that she’s been lying to him about Nicole. “I wish I knew how to convince you I have no feelings for her anymore. I love you and that’s not going to change,” Eric says, reassuringly. Jennifer thinks that’ll change when she tells him the real reason Nicole walked out on him. Eric says she left – end of story. eric leaves jenn for nicoleJenn explains that Nicole loved him and she was forced into leaving. The blackmailer her knew she killed Deimos. Eric demands to know who blackmailed her. Jenn refuses to say. Eric doesn’t believe it. Jenn reminds Eric that Nicole hated Deimos and she was drugged as was everyone at that party, with Halo. Deimos threatened to take Hollie from her. She blocked it until after Sonny was let out of jail. Eric flashes to a conversation with Brady and realizes his brother blackmailed his ex after finding out he and Nicole were in love. Jennifer confirms it’s true. Brady was struggling with his addiction and going crazy with thoughts that they were together. He told her she’d go to prison and lose Hollie unless she broke Eric’s heart. Eric lets the news sink in. Jenn reveals she’s known for two months and Eric takes off. Jenn cries and calls someone.

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Belle meets Shawn at the square and tells him about her parents’ wedding.

Eric beats on Brady’s door and when Brady answers, Eric glowers at him and says, “I know what you did.”

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