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Lucas drops by the Kiriakis mansion to see Adrienne. He needs her to drop the charges against Bonnie Lockhart. Lucas explains that he had drunken sex with Bonnie, thinking it was her, and they’ve a kid together. Adrienne can’t believe he couldn’t tell he was with another woman. Lucas says if she doesn’t drop charges, Bonnie won’t let him see his daughter.She’s eligible for a conditional release. Adrienne would like to help him but “that woman stole my life and my family.” Adrienne’s nightmares about Bonnie just stopped when Steve found her. Lucas asks what kind of life the baby will have without him. Adrienne argues that he’s not playing fairly.

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Chloe visits Brady at the Salem Inn with cookies. She asks after his family and Brady talks about Paul’s long road of recovery. Chloe can identify. She couldn’t have gotten through leukemia treatments without Brady. Chloe needs relationship advice. Brady scoffs that she’s asking him of all people. Chloe updates him on Lucas’ baby news and Brady is flabbergasted. Chloe’s worried about how they’ll both get through this. She has a hard enough time with her own son. Brady will try to keep Lucas from falling off the wagon. Talk turns to Kristen ruining things for his family. He’s appreciative that he has Eve at least.

From Alice’s, Jenn talks to Eric on the phone about meeting at her place. eve and jennThey disconnect and Eve shows up. Jenn tells her that she’s about to confess all to Eric. Eve voices displeasure over that and Jenn’s tired of going over and over this. They argue about Eve’s reason for hiding the truth from the brothers. Eve worries this will destroy her relationship with Brady and the brothers’ relationship. Jenn resolves to keep her mouth shut. Eve’s astounded. She’s glad. She runs off.

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At the hospital, Eric and Belle discuss Marlena’s recovery by the hub. John and Kayla sit with Marlena in her own room. There’s no change. John’s thankful for Kayla, knowing she’s gone above and beyond. In Hattie’s room, she whines to Roman about the terrible hospital food and being poked and prodded. Roman grins. “It’s a small price to pay for freedom.” Hattie threatens to tell everyone who she is if he doesn’t spring her soon. “I can’t do my best acting when I’m hangry,” she spits. Roman goes to get her a burger and bumps into Belle. He asks her to give Marlena space because she’s tired. Belle ignores his warning and pops into Hattie’s room with flowers. “Marlena” asks, “Did you ask for the, sorry I almost killed my mom bouquet? No, that would have been bigger and brighter.” Belle stammers. “Marlena” prefers gladiolas. Belle denies that. Her favorite flowers are lilacs. She asks what’s going on. “Marlena” starts to sneeze. “Take your guilty flowers away,” she demands. Belle thought the advance directive is what she wanted. “Marlena” refuses to give Belle, Miss Rich Lawyer, any of her money. Belle gasps in confusion. Hattie calls what she did “attempted murder.” Meanwhile, Roman rushes to John and Kayla to tell them they’ve a problem with Hattie. After hearing the story, John runs back to Hattie’s room to do damage control. When he arrives, Hattie is kicking Belle out of her room. Hattie claims she’s just tired. John knows that “Marlena” is just confused because of the surgery and medication. Hattie agrees, reluctantly. She claims she wasn’t clear that she’d lose her family or children. She’s not angry anymore. She agrees she hasn’t been herself. She asks for a group hug and John cringes behind Belle’s back and shoots Hattie a warning look. She asks for a kiss but he tries to get out of it. “Marlena” wants to get married right then and now. Belle grins while John tries to hide his discomfort.

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Eric arrives at Alice’s. He smooches Jennifer for a bit and Jenn decides they need to talk. She tells him she’s been lying to him and it’s time he knew the truth.

Eve returns to Salem Inn once Chloe’s gone. She lies about where she’s been and makes out with Brady. He shares that Chloe came to him for advice. He hopes it helped so she can be as happy as they are.lucas and chloe dougs place

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Lucas goes to Chloe at Doug’s Place and tells her Adrienne has agreed to drop charges against Bonnie.

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