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Lucas looks ill when he learns from Kayla at the hospital that baby Bonnie is his daughter. Chloe asks if there is a chance the test was tampered with. Kayla says no. Lucas pants. Kayla steps away when she receives a call from Steve. She begins to cry and tells him how terrified she’s been. She knows how it happened and tells him Stefan has the ability to control his bionic eye. She blames herself. She listens and replies, “You’re right. Your name will be cleared and you’ll come back to me.” She tells him she loves him and disconnects. Nearby, Chloe says she’ll be there Lucas. He’s glad and shuffles off to see Bonnie. Kayla pops up and both Chloe and Kayla sniff that Lucas is going to be tied to Bonnie for life.

At SPD, Bonnie tells Baby Bonnie she has to call in reinforcements abe catches sheila stealingnow that Sheila left them. She asks the guard to make a call.

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At Brady’s pub, Sheila can’t afford to dine. Abe catches her stealing his credit card. She lies that she was going to turn it in. Abe knows better. He uses the mayor card and says he knows who she is. She snipes that she’s on the straight and narrow now. Abe doubts that, remembering how she ruined Adrienne’s life. Sheila tries to walk away but Abe touches her arm and says they’re not done. “You assaulted me!” she exclaims.

In the park, Lani admits to Eli that though she fought it, she can’t deny their connection. Eli is glad but Lani clarifies she has feelings for him but they shouldn’t date because she thinks their connection is about the baby and grief. Eli says it’s more than that for him. Lani’s not sure she’s recovered enough to love anyone. She doesn’t want to hurt him or be hurt so wants to keep things professional. He agrees to be friends.eli wants to date lani

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In the square, Chad tells Kate he’s meeting Abigail who is late. It’s unusual for her not to call or text. Chad’s hopeful they’ll work things out. Kate is supportive. She urges him to call Abby.

At Alice’s, Gabi stands over a sleeping Abigail, glad the sedative has worked. Abigail’s phone rings and Gabi declines Chad’s call, before moving Abigail upstairs to her bed. She holds a dark-haired wig and thinks it’s time to get the party started.

Back at the square, Chad talks to Kate about wanting to be the husband Abigail deserves. He stammers about how protective Gabi’s being which bothers Kate. She flashes to Gabi’s revelation that Chad is Abby’s baby daddy. Chad goes off to Abby’s and an annoyed Kate texts Gabi to get over to her place.

Back at Alice’s, Gabi’s leaving when she hears Chad arrive. She hides. Chad hears Thomas crying. He rushes upstairs and Gabi takes off. Chad and Thomas, (played by Asher Morrissette), wake a confused Abigail up. Chad takes Thomas for a nap and returns. Abigail last remembers being downstairs. She apologizes. Chad agrees to try again another day. They hug and the wig is seen under the bed.

At Kate’s, Kate grills Gabi about her schemes. gabi reveals plans for abbyShe is not only hurting Chad and Abby, there’s a child involved. Chad doesn’t deserve this. Gabi agrees. She doesn’t like hurting Chad but Kate needs to keep her mouth shut. Kate doesn’t see that her plan is working out. Gabi knows so she’s taking her plan to the next level. She’s going set Abby up to fake “Gabby’s” return. She explains that Abby will be back in a psych ward, Stefan will try to get custody and then it’ll come out that Chad’s really the father. But by that time, Chad will have moved on with Gabi and her revenge will be exacted. Kate’s confused. Gabi’s over Chad but she’ll always care for him. It’s more about taking Abby’s freedom.

Eli finds Sheila and Abe arguing at the pub. They fill him in on what happened and Eli offers to take care of it. Abe goes and Sheila admits she did try to swipe the credit card. He buys her lunch and they discuss Lani. Sheila thinks she’s dumb for not wanting him.

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Lucas arrives at SPD to tell Bonnie the DNA test proves he’s the baby’s father. Bonnie wants him to get Adrienne to drop the charges against her. Lucas asks why he’d bother. He’ll just raise the baby on his own. She begs him not to send her back to prison. He asks where the baby is and she refuses to say unless he helps her avoid prison.

Abe finds Lani at the park. She relays what happened between her and Eli. Abe calls love a risk and doesn’t think anyone would blame her for being cautious. Abe holds Lani as she feels bad for hurting Eli.

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