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At the hospital, Kayla tells Lucas she put a rush on the paternity tests for baby Bonnie. Lucas has concerns since Sami changed those DNA tests for Will all those years ago.  He’s trying to be patient but is stressed. He admits that he felt connected to that baby. What’ll he do if she’s his? Kayla tries to get him to calm down but Lucas ruminates that it’ll be too much for Chloe.

In the Salem Police Department interrogation room, Bonnie snuggles Bonnie Jr. and kisses her. Sheila grins and asks if the baby is really Lucas’. Chloe strolls in. She’d like to know too. Outside, Eli calls Lani. She ignores his call and he mopes. Sheila takes baby Bonnie outside and greets Eli, who is glad to see her. Sheila is doing well. Eli tells her about getting Lani pregnant and the loss of David. Sheila’s sorry. She lets him hold the baby. He’ll get another chance someday. Eli’s not sure the mother will ever get past it. Sheila admits it’s been rough trying to find a job. Nobody wants to hire an ex-con. Eli offers a recommendation. Meanwhile, Chloe puts Bonnie on notice. She won’t let her hurt Lucas again. Chloe thinks this is a scam. Chloe questions if this kid is even hers. “Isn’t that uterus of yours just a bit too dusty to carry a child?” Bonnie calls it a cheap shot. Once Lucas learns the truth, there will be no room for Chloe. Chloe asks if Bonnie has heard of El Fideo. Of course Bonnie has. Chloe goes on to admit she snuffed him out. Bonnie laughs but Chloe gets in her face and says she made him cry like a stuck pig. She threatens, “He never saw me coming and neither will you.” Chloe stomps out and Sheila returns. She demands money, letting Bonnie know that diapers don’t come cheap. Bonnie hasn’t got any. Sheila snipes that this is a con. “I should have known,” she grumbles before leaving.

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JJ finds Lani outside of the Brady’s pub. They catch up. He offers friendship if she needs him then goes. Lani heads inside and Abe meets for breakfast. They discuss Paul and Marlena’s hospitalization and Lani tells her dad that she and Eli shared a moment but she’s worried about starting a relationship based on a miscarriage. Abe accuses her of overthinking and wonders if she’s afraid to explore her feelings for Eli. Lani thinks Eli’s incredible but…Abe asks if she’s hung up on JJ. “No, not…really. I don’t think…” she confides. Abe laughs. Lani doesn’t think JJ sees her romantically anymore. Abe says to listen to her heart.

At Alice’s, Abigail packs for a picnic lunch when Chad calls to ask if she and Thomas are ready for the big date. They’re both looking forward to this. Later, JJ arrives with drinks for them both. He hears about Abby and Chad’s picnic. It’s progress. They’re both happy and agree that Chad just needs time. Abigail fills her brother in on Gabi breaking into the house and then admitting that she still blames her for everything though she denies living with Chad in order to pull them apart. JJ asks if she believes Gabi. Abs considers that she seems sincere but she’ll keep her eyes open. JJ brings up seeing Lani. They’re in a good place. Abby asks if he’d consider being romantic with her again. So far, JJ just wants to be a friend. He knows what it’s like to get over losing a baby. They head to the kitchen.

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From the DiMera mansion, Gabi eavesdrops on Chad then after he and Abby disconnect, Gabi strolls in and invites him to the zoo with her kid. He has plans with Abby. Gabi ponders if that’s a good idea since Abby’s showing more than ever. He may just see Stefan’s baby growing inside of his wife. Chad has to accept this if they’re going to have a chance. Gabs doesn’t want to see him hurt but Chad says Abby was the one hurt, being taken advantage of by Stefan. Gabi asks to borrow his key since Arianna glued hers. He hands it over and goes and Gabi calls someone. “I really need you,” she states.

At the hospital, Kayla gives Gabi some medication to help her sleep. She’s sorry she’s having issues. Gabi mutters about it being safe, remembering she took it during pregnancy.

Later, at SPD, Eli takes a call from Lani, asking to meet.

Gabi lets herself into Alice’s and crushes several sleeping pills into Abigail’s drink, then rushes upstairs after hearing a noise. Abby returns and downs her drink.

Lani meets Eli at the park to discuss their relationship.

Back at the pub, when Abe’s back is turned, Sheila steals Abe’s credit card. He catches her.

Chloe arrives at the hospital as Kayla brings out the DNA results.

Chad waits for Abby at the square, but she’s passed out at home on the sofa with Gabi standing over her.

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