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At SPD, Rafe finds it convenient that Hope suddenly discovered new evidence in the arson case. Hope narrows her eyes. Maybe she got lucky. Rafe says or she made her own luck. “It’s not like you’ve never broken the law before.” Hope says she’s not desperate enough to make the same aberrations she made with Stefano. Rafe loves Hope. If she planted this evidence, she can tell him. Hope didn’t do it. Talk turns to him letting Sami visit her mother. He didn’t follow protocol and he lied to Hope’s face. Rafe defends his position. Sami’s mother was dying. He realizes this is about him having sex with Sami and apologizes. He thought they were past it. Hope finds it hard to move on because when Sami says to jump, Rafe asks ‘how high’. They argue. Rafe snipes that he’s not under Sami’s spell. She was never a threat. Hope finds that funny that he thinks he’s in complete control considering Sami bonked him over the head previously. Rafe asks what her recourse is. “You gonna suspend me or fire me? Go for it,” he pressures. Hope’s first priority is finding Kristen and putting Ben behind bars so he’s not around her kid and grandkid. Rafe and Hope share a heated moment and he kisses her hard, and twines her hair in his hand. They break apart and she goes back to work.

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Belle rushes to Shawn’s arms at the Horton square crying. belle and shawn at squareHe thinks Marlena’s dead but is happy to learn her mother is alive. She tells him the full story about what went down, including arguing with Sami and Marlena’s eccentric behavior. Shawn fills her in on Ben Weston’s arrest. Belle breathes a sigh of relief. Shawn admits that Ben’s accusing his mother of planting evidence. Belle says surely he doesn’t believe Ben? Shawn wonders if he pushed her too hard and she crossed the line.

Kayla meets Roman at the park. Theirhattie and roman with laundry plan worked. They recall Roman creating a glitch in the security cameras at the hospital and Kayla throwing a sheet over Marlena, then moving her out of the hospital. Roman knows Kay took a big risk. Kayla shrugs. She loves Marlena. It’s still a longshot that she’ll come around. Roman will take it. He flashes to helping get Hattie out of the prison to a new facility and flashes to hiding Hattie in a laundry bin and taking her to Marlena’s room. They discuss how Shane’s doing all he can to bring Steve back.

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At the hospital, John’s upset that Hattie treated Marlena’s daughter unkindly. He wants her to be more like Marlena. “Those two dames tried to kill me,” Hattie snaps. John reminds her that if she keeps it up, they will see right through her. Hattie just wants some appreciation. John looks upward, as if longing for serenity. He didn’t mean to come off as ungrateful. Hattie gets the stakes but one minute she’s “flipping flapjacks” and the next minute she’s in front of “The Big Poobah.” She flashes back to seeing Roman in prison and tells John he can depend on her. hattie and roman in hospitalShe spits in her hand and holds it out to John. “Do we ‘got’ a deal?” she asks. John pauses, then spits in his own hand and they shake on it. Hattie screws up her face. “Eww.” John reaches for the Purell. She talks about how she didn’t mind helping poor Marlena. It wasn’t as though someone could “alakazam me out of there.” Hattie asks for some food from the pub and a “hot cup of steaming Roman.” John will bring her a burger. Roman and Kayla arrive. They thank Hattie for helping. She asks for pudding cups and steak. Kayla says they need to stick to the dietary protocol. John and Kayla go and Hattie asks Roman to cuddle her for warmth. Roman grins but suggests a blanket. She brings up Abigail killing Andre and says ‘old Alfie deserved to die.” Hattie wants to buy Abby a drink to thank her but Roman says no, Marlena wouldn’t do that. Meanwhile, John and Kayla go to Marlena in some basement room. Kay says the whole wing is being renovated. John sits with Marlena and vows to do all they can for her while she finds her way back to them.

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Ciara walks in on Tripp and Claire making out. Tripp claims it’s not what it looks like. Claire reveals that she just got excited when she learned her grandmother started to breathe on her own when the ventilator was removed. claire and tripp kissingCiara’s really happy. Claire runs off and Tripp says the kiss never would have happened if Ciara was there. Ciara snorts. She tells Tripp that Ben’s now accusing her mother of setting him up and planting evidence. Ciara tells Tripp Ben’s guilty as hell. She asks Tripp for forgiveness after siding with Ben. Tripp’s over it. He moves to kiss her and she shoves him. “Wouldn’t you rather be kissing Claire?” She gets that Claire was being Claire. She goes and Claire returns and Tripp reminds her they’re just friends.

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