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Shawn stops by the loft to see Ciara. Tripp fills him in on the new evidence Hope found in the arson case and says Ciara went down to the station to see Ben. Shawn and Tripp are worried Ciara will never see Ben for who he is.

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In SPD’s interrogation room, Ciara tells Ben she left a message with his lawyer. She wants to believe he didn’t do this but the evidence is overwhelming. Ben says Hope set him up. By Rafe’s desk, Hope calls Rafe to ask where Sami is. Rafe fills Hope in about Marlena being taken off the ventilator today due to a DNR. Sami wanted to say goodbye. Hope looks hurt and asks him to give the family her prayers. Shawn turns up and she disconnects. rafe and hope talk new arson evidenceHe tells his mother that Ciara’s in with Ben. Hope’s pissed. She and Shawn storm the interrogation room. Ben tells Hope that he knows she planted evidence at the cabin. It’s awfully convenient that she found it just sitting there after all this time. Shawn defends his mother. Hope takes Ciara out as Ben again states that her mother’s framing him. Ciara doesn’t know what to believe. Hope tells Ben she respects the law. Ben attempts to defend himself but Ciara doesn’t believe him. Hope and Ciara leave the room and Hope swears she didn’t plant that evidence. They embrace. Ciara goes home.

At the hospital, Kayla turns off Marlena’s monitors. Belle, Sami, Eric and John cry. Belle tells Marlena that it’s okay if she wants to let go. Sami whisper yells at her not to say that and then begs her mother to fight with everything she has. She sobs. The sisters argue about who is to blame for this. Things get heated when Marlena wakes up and says, “Keep it down.” John goes to his wife and cries. Everyone’s shocked. Marlena calls Eric over. She holds his hand and Sami cries, “Mom, you’re going to be okay.” Marlena murmurs, “I am, no thanks to you.” “If I’m the one who shot you I’m so sorry,” Sami says. She was drugged and not in her right mind. Kayla insists they all leave. Marlena says, “John, get her out of here before she finishes me off.” Kayla cringes. Sami fights as Eric drags her out. Outside, Rafe sees Sami crying and assumes Marlena’s dead. He gives them his condolences and they shock him by telling him Marlena’s awake. Rafe’s confused by Sami’s tears so she explains that her mom hates her and thinks she tried to kill her. family huddles as kayla takes marlena off life supportEric tells his sister that their mom is disoriented. Sami can’t recall pulling the trigger. Back inside Marlena’s room, Belle’s glad her mother’s okay. She tells her that she’s the one who had to take her off the ventilator. “What?” Marlena asks. Belle found her living will with her health directive so she gave it to Kayla. Kayla says it was a difficult decision for everyone. “You’re the person who tried to pull the plug on your mother,” Marlena says. Kayla cringes some more. Marlena asks why she’d think she wanted that. Kayla gets between the women and walks Belle out the door. Marlena rolls her eyes. John asks, “What the hell’s the matter with you? Was that really necessary?” “Marlena” says they deserved it. Then she calls Eric handsome and it reminds her, “Is Roman single?” John snipes that this isn’t what they agreed to. “Marlena” retorts that if this isn’t what he wanted, “next time don’t call on Hattie Adams.” Outside, Eric and Belle agree that their mother’s not herself. Belle goes to find Shawn.

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Claire arrives home glum. She tells Tripp she had to say goodbye to her grandmother. By now she’s probably gone. Already, Claire misses her. Tripp hugs Claire as she tries to squeeze a few tears out. Marlena is her hero. claire and tripp kissingTripp promises she’ll get through this but Claire feels alone. Tripp says she’ll never be alone. They discuss Shawn’s visit and Ben’s arrest. Claire assumes Ciara must have been crushed. Tripp says no, he thinks she’s confused. Claire realizes how important Ben is to her and Claire’s not sure how he can keep putting up with it. He deserves better. Claire gets a call from her mom that her grandma is alive. Claire cries and laughs. Tripp hugs her and she kisses him just as Ciara walks in.

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Sami and Rafe return to SPD. ben tells shawn he's set up by hopeHope immediately wants to take Sami back to her cell but Sami tells her that her mother rallied. Rafe says she’ll make a full recovery. Hope’s happy. Rafe takes Sami back to her cell. Meanwhile, Shawn is glad Ben will be locked up again. Ben tries to get Shawn to hear that Hope’s just trying to get rid of him. Shawn looks away and Ben can tell he’s close to being convinced. Shawn recalls a conversation with Hope about there being no more evidence but that one way or another she’ll get that maniac out of their lives. Rafe returns to Hope and she tells him that Ciara couldn’t ignore the evidence. Rafe looks uneasy and Hope asks if he thinks she planted it.

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