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At the Salem Inn, Brady tells Eve that Paul’s paralysed. eve forgives bradyShe’s visibly upset and he bitches about the timing since Will’s got his memory back and wants to dump Paul for Sonny. Eve and Brady agree Will shouldn’t tell Paul right now. Talk turns to Kristen and Brady’s sorry for what she put Eve through. Eve kisses him. She loves him. They’re fine.

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In the park, Sonny tells Will that this is the end for them. Will tears up and tries to argue but Sonny doesn’t want Will to leave Paul at a time like this and doesn’t think Will wants to either. Will recalls that though Paul’s always been afraid that he’d remember Will loving Sonny, wilson agrees not to datehe was always encouraging about getting his memory back. Sonny recalls how Paul was crushed when he dumped him at the altar and still, he was kind enough to step aside. Will nods. They cry as they kiss goodbye. Just then, Brady and Eve stroll up and take in the display. Brady gets in Will’s face and starts judging him when Will yells that neither of them are going to be hurting Paul. They just agreed upon it and were saying goodbye. Eve goes and Brady apologizes.

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At the hospital, Jennifer is about to tell Eric the truth about Nicole but he can’t focus with those he loves in crisis. Jenn holds him. john learns of the dnrMeanwhile, in Marlena’s room, Roman tells John there is still no news on Steve. John shares the news about Marlena’s DNR Belle found it in Doc’s insurance papers. Belle’s her mother’s health proxy and she wants to carry out Marlena’s wishes while John’s against it. Though he says this is hard on him, too, Roman thinks it’s important to respect Marlena’s wishes. John lashes out and says this is none of his business anyway. They argue and John says Sami could have put that gun down but didn’t when she heard EJ is alive. John blames Sami for this mess but Roman disagrees, though he agrees with John not to let Marlena die. John will never forgive Belle if she goes through with this. In Kayla’s office, Belle sobs as she hands Kayla Marlena’s DNR order. kayla will take marlena off the ventilatorKayla reads it and argues that Marlena’s only on a ventilator. Belle calls it a mistake they need to correct. Kayla asks how John is taking this and Belle says he’s furious with her and the situation. How is she to make this choice? Kayla can’t make the decision for her. Belle just feels guilty. She asks how long her mom could be like this. Kayla admits Marlena could spend the rest of her life like this. Kay should give the document to the board but gives Belle the choice. Belle thinks the board needs to know. Later, Roman goes to Kayla. She bitches about wanting to talk to Steve and talk turns to Marlena and the DNR. Roman asks to buy some time before they take Marlena off the ventilator. Kayla can’t do that. Roman leaves and she calls Seth Burns, the hospital administrator. She fills him in and says she’ll take steps toward taking Dr. Evans off the ventilator. Out by the hub, jenn almost tells eric truth about nicoleEve arrives and overhears Eric and Jenn discussing her initially wanting to tell him something important. Jenn says they’ll discuss it later. He goes and Eve approaches and confronts her. Jenn admits she was going to tell Eric about Nicole. Eve doesn’t think she should, what with all that their family is going through. They argue. Eric will leave Jenn behind as soon as he finds out the truth. Jenn calls it a risk she has to take. roman john argue over dnrShe can’t marry him with this lie between them. As they argue, Eric goes into Marlena’s room where John’s holding Doc’s hand. Eric believes Belle will do what’s best for Mom. John’s infuriated. When Belle shows up, she tells them Kayla is informing the board to take Marlena off the ventilator. John accuses her of choosing to kill her own mother. He loves her but right now is ashamed to call her his daughter. He makes a call…

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Lucas arrives at Doug’s Place and tells Chloe about his visit with Bonnie, that she wants his help in staying out of prison. Chloe wonders why Bonnie would think he’d help and Lucas confesses that she told him they had a daughter together. He saw her. Chloe’s confused. Lucas admits they had sex when he was a drunken mess when he thought she was Adrienne. Chloe shakes her head, staggered. Isn’t Bonnie too old to have kids? “Maybe she’s on the cusp,” Lucas says, but he believes the baby is his.

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