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At SPD, Bonnie is relieved when Sheila arrives with her baby, Bonnie, (played by Katie & Natalie Monarch). Bonnie asks bonnie and her baby bonnieif the baby would like to meet her father but Lucas refuses. The baby isn’t his! Bonnie suggests a paternity test. If he doesn’t help her stay out of Statesville, she’ll be thrown into foster care. Lucas asks why she didn’t tell Steve about this when he found her. She thought she could handle it. Lucas can’t get over the fact that she named her baby after herself so Bonnie and Sheila snipe that men do it all the time. bonnie promises bonnie is lucas'kidSheila takes the baby from the room and Bonnie asks if Adrienne can get the DA to drop the charges against them so she doesn’t lose “our baby Bon Bon.” Lucas thinks this is a con but Bonnie promises the baby is his and she needs him. Lucas goes and Sheila tells baby Bonnie that she hit the jackpot with these two parents. She brings the kid back to Bonnie and says she owes her big time for dropping everything to get her baby. Bonnie’s sure Lucas will come around.

In the park, Sonny and Will agree not to tell sonny and will discuss paulPaul that Will’s feelings for Sonny have returned or that they want to reunite. They agree to focus on helping Paul through his recovery and to pray for Marlena. They profess their love and Will departs to the hospital.

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At the hospital, Kayla tells Paul that he has a conus injury which basically means his body is unable to send nerve signals to his hips and legs. Paul’s astounded. Is he paralyzed? She calls it a very serious injury. It may be possible that his spinal cord could recover but there’s no way to predict when and if it’ll happen. Kayla will call the best doctors and rehab specialists. She goes and Roman is supportive. He tells Paul to stay positive. jenn will tell eric truthPaul says when the torn rotator cuff ended his career, he thought this life was over but it wasn’t. Roman says this too is just the beginning of a new chapter. And Will is going to be there to see him through it. Meanwhile, outside Marlena’s room, Belle shows John Marlena’s DNR order. They’re her mom’s wishes and she admits she has a legal obligation to tell Kayla. John scoffs that these aren’t his wishes and says not to tell anyone about this. Belle cries. John says he doesn’t think she knows what her mother and him have been through. He’s found his home in Marlena who is a beacon of light. He’ll never give up on Belle’s mother. Furious, he demands Eric back him up on this. Eric thinks they need some time. Belle reminds her dad that he and Marlena aren’t married. John needs a few hours but Belle refuses him. Will arrives and hears Paul tell Roman he’s not sure Will is going to want a guy in a wheelchair. Will walks in and Roman says goodbye. Paul allows Roman to tell everyone. Once he’s gone, Paul declares, “I may never walk again.”  Will’s so sorry. They’ll get him through this. Paul starts to weep. john talks to sleeping paulHe’s been staying strong for Roman but what if he’s paralysed for life? Will promises he’ll be with him through all of this. He kisses Paul on the head. Meanwhile, in Kayla’s office, Jennifer is having second thoughts about lying to Eric about what she knows about Nicole. “I’m as bad as Kristen,” Jenn says. Kayla says that’s not true but she is starting to realize Jenn should come clean with Eric. Jenn brings up Kayla’s secret from Steve and Kayla says she has to trust he’ll be okay. Jenn is sure he will but Eric won’t be as understanding about their situation. Back by the hub, John says he loves Belle but has never been more disappointed in her. Belle sobs and John says, “If you really love your mother, you’ll forget you ever saw this document.” He slams it down and goes and Eric holds his sobbing sister. Meanwhile, John goes to a sleeping Paul. He cries. He heard about his legs. He rubs them and is sorry. He’ll find a way to ensure his son walks and Doc wakes up. Elsewhere, Jennifer finds Eric. She has something to tell him. Meanwhile, Belle goes to Kayla to talk to her about her mother…

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Roman finds Sonny in the park. roman tells sonny paul can't walkRoman says Will is with Paul and the outlook isn’t great. Paul may not walk again. Sonny’s dismayed. Roman calls Paul strong and says he’ll need Will more than ever. Sonny asks after Marlena but there is no news. He goes and Will reappears. Sonny heard the news. Will says this doesn’t have to be the end for them. Sonny responds, “Yes it does.”

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