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John is shocked to find Val working on Marlena at the hospital. John gets in the way and Val tells him to leave and yells that they need to intubate. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Will calls Sonny to update him that Paul’s still in surgery. They profess their love for each other as Brady walks in. Will disconnects and Brady reads him the riot act for cheating on his brother. Will is sorry he had to find out this way. He explains that he got his memory back and is reuniting with Sonny. marlena has septic shockBrady’s happy Will has his memory back but is worried for his brother “who will now be thrown aside like a piece of trash.” Will feels horrible. He loves Paul. Brady lashes out that he doesn’t deserve to be dumped the moment he opens his eyes. Later, Val tells John that Marlena went into septic shock. They put her on the ventilator and antibiotics with other meds to get the infection under control. John worries and Val can’t tell him she’ll pull through. They’ll do all that they can. John looks suckerpunched. Val relays that an infectious disease specialist is coming in tomorrow. Until then, John can’t see her. Brady appears. He heard the conversation and hugs his dad. John has a fit, feeling helpless.

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Eli and Lani arrive at the DiMera mansion looking for Kristen. cops at dimerasHas Stefan had contact with her? He flashes to her appearing on his doorstep earlier, lets them in and flashes to hiding his sister in the secret passageway. He tells the cops he doesn’t even know Kristen and is sorry he can’t help. The cops go upstairs to take a look and Stefan pulls Kristen out of the passageway, whispers at her and shoves her back in. The cops return and Eli wants to check the tunnels. Stefan lies that he had them sealed up and suggests they get a warrant if they want more. Later, Stefan appears in the secret room where Kristen’s sitting on a bed. He assures her that the cops will be back. She was hoping he’d bring her an Aspirin. “It smells like rats and feet” in there she tells him. He plans on keeping her there until he can get her out of the house.stefan hides kristen

Gabi lets herself into Alice Horton’s darkened house and heads upstairs. Abigail stops her and turns on the light. Gabi’s sorry to have scared Abby. She claims to have knocked but Abby didn’t hear it. She asks what Gabi’s really up to. Gabi admits she was feeling restless and wanted to talk to her friend. Abigail sees what she did as breaking in. Gabi doesn’t understand “this attitude” but Abigail thinks Gabi’s still angry with her for what she did to her after Andre died. Gabi denies faking their friendship but Abigail understands why she would hate her. Gabi finally admits she blames her for ruining her life. She’s angry and has been turning the other cheek because Abigail’s ill. She rants about being unable to become pregnant when Abigail is pregnant. Abs asks if Gabi is looking for revenge. Gabi says no and reveals she feels bad about having these feelings. She lies that she really wants Abby and Chad together. As angry as she is, she’d never willfully try to hurt her. “Why not?” Gabi admits subconsciously she might have been. She’s working on her anger and thinks they can get past this. Abby takes the blame for ruining Gabi’s life and apologizes.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny updates Chad on Paul’s condition and they discuss Will’s memory returning. Sonny happily shares details about Will remembering he is in love with him. The men embrace and Chad asks about Paul. Sonny says he doesn’t know yet because of the injuries. Sonny is terrified for Paul. Chad opens up about his inability to get over Abby carrying Stefan’s child. The baby is a constant reminder of one of the worst days of his life. Sonny thinks Chad’s love is stronger than his hatred toward Stefan and encourages him to make it work.

Back at Alice’s, Chad calls and Gabi leaves but eavesdrops in the hall. Chad says he should have been more worried about Abs instead of focusing on his feelings. Thomas keeps asking when they’ll spend time together. He asks her to a picnic and Gabi scowls and goes upstairs with a black wig in hand.

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At SPD, Lani and Eli doubt Stefan’s telling the truth about Kristen and move to get a warrant to search the tunnels. She flashes to the tender moment they shared.

Sonny arrives at the hospital to see how Paul and Will are doing. Will has no news but is fine. Sonny just wants to be there for him.

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