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Abigail ends a call about an update on Marlena at home and fills JJ in. She’s lonesome for Chad and doesn’t trust Gabi. JJ’s surprised. “She’s your best friend.” Abby’s not so sure.abigail misses chad JJ considers this and flashes to a conversation with Gabi about her low chances of getting pregnant due to the prison beating. He admits Abigail might be right. He shares the conversation they had but is sure Gabi realized it wasn’t Abigail’s fault. Abigail recalls Gabi kidnapping Melanie. JJ insists that was eons ago and she’s changed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chad and Gabi discuss Kristen’s return and Chad stammers as he tells Gabi that Paul went out a window with Kristen after a struggle with the gun. Chad’s happy to hear Will got his memory back. Chad helps Gabi work on Ari’s art project. They discuss Abigail and Chad admits each time he sees her, she looks more pregnant and it gets harder for him. Gabi understands because of Eli getting Lani pregnant. gabi and chad work together on art projectShe says there’s no going back from that. Chad notes that she and Eli weren’t married. Gabi tries to get Chad to consider divorce as his only option. Chad thinks they can work it out. When he leaves the room, Gabi notes she has to step up her plan.

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At the park, Eli and Lani examine the scene where Paul fell from the window. They wonder where Kristen went. Lani teases Eli about his handwriting. She’s glad they’re not partners anymore because that drives her crazy. They laugh and share a moment. Things turn awkward and Lani goes to get Brady’s statement.

Kristen arrives on Stefan’s doorstep. She introduces herself as his sister. He knows who she is. She begs for help and passes out in his arms. He takes her into the lounge and wakes her up. She tells him she was pushed out of a window. “A repeat of three years ago? Really?” Stefan asks sardonically. She tells him she’s back for revenge and needs an ally. Stefan sighs and wishes it could be Chad. He tries to call the cops but Kristen stops him, calling them family. “We just met,” he spits. Kristen muses that she’s all he’s got so he tells her about having a child with Abigail.

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At the hospital, Val tells Brady that Paul is still in surgery. marlena and john hospitalHe’s not looking forward to telling his dad. Meanwhile, Marlena wakes up in her room. John smiles happily. She’s confused so he makes light of things. He tenderly kisses her and she starts to recall the events at the wedding, surprised Sami fired the gun. John calls it an accident but Sami’s at the cop shop. Brady appears and greets Marlena, then takes John outside to tell him about Kristen kidnapping Eve and how Sami and Paul showed up and Kristen and Paul fell out the window during a struggle. John’s beside himself to hear Paul’s in surgery and his injuries are serious. Lani arrives to see Val. She tells her she’s spending too much time with Eli. She doesn’t want them to confuse sharing their grief with something more. Val wonders if she’s overthinking. Lani laughs. It could be.

At the station, Julie finds Eli and asks how he is. He’s fine and is leaning on someone. Julie hopes it’s not Gabi Hernandez who is trouble. Eli laughs. He’s talking about Lani. Julie finds that understandable as they’re both grieving. Eli brings up their kiss and says they’ve shared a moment but it ended awkwardly. Julie suggests he tell her his feelings but Eli’s worried he’ll screw up their friendship.

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Eli arrives at the hospital to see Val. Lani conveys that she hasn’t gotten Brady’s statement yet. Hope gave them a new assignment, so they leave. Later, Val goes to Marlena, who passes out while they’re talking, worrying the doctor.

Back at Alice’s, JJ takes off when Julie arrives. Julie overheard part of their conversation and Abigail admits she doesn’t think Gabi’s been a friend. Julie says to trust her instincts. She compels her to be careful.

The cops arrive at the DiMera manse, looking for Kristen.

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