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At the hospital, Kayla’s on the phone with Jennifer and hasn’t been able to get in touch with Steve. She remarks it’s high time she came clean about how she sold her soul to Stefan DiMera. She disconnects and Roman appears. He announces Steve’s been arrested for espionage. Kayla is frantic. Roman explains he was taken to Washington – every classified document Steve has looked at since he got back has been compromised. Kayla exclaims; she rants that Stefan must be behind it, and confesses she sold her soul to the devil to get his eyesight back and now has turned him into some kind of traitor. Roman needs all the facts to help. Kayla reveals she Stefan wanted dirt on Kate in exchange for Steve’s sight. He made her a spy too. Kayla confesses she provided Stefan with Abigail’s medical records. She wants to go to the Feds and clear Steve’s name. Roman warns her not to confront Stefan. She worries when it all comes out, Stefan will make Steve blind again. Roman comforts her.

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Kate greets Stefan in the DiMera parlor with a gun. Stefan sniffs that the gun’s not loaded and Kate complains that his guys were late. Stefan shrugs – he made Ted disappear, right? Kate needed to get all the information she could about Chad and Titan and couldn’t do it with Ted breathing down her neck. She worries DiMera killed Ted, but Stefan says he’s been relocated permanently. Kate asks where, and Stefan mocks her for pining over the lounge lizard, before warning her to get the information he asked for or she may be spending the rest of her life where Ted is. Kate hands over Chad’s deals and Stefan ruminates about Chad’s marriage ending once his child is born. Kate warns him not to get too attached to the baby – there’s no way Abigail will allow him to take Chad’s place. Stefan muses Chad will have no say in the matter. Kate mentions going to see Marlena, and his half-sister Kristen being back in town, and adds her gun was loaded, before leaving.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will reflects to Sonny that his grandma would be so happy to know about them. Sonny assures him she’s tough and will make it. Will has to figure out a way to tell Paul, and wonders where he is. They cuddle on the sofa to go over how Paul will take the news. Will knows he was afraid of what the memory flashes might mean, and worries about hurting him. They discuss their own past and Will decides that before they make this commitment, and do this to Paul, they should talk about what went wrong. Will recalls getting his story published – that’s when he went crazy. He apologizes. Sonny assures him it’s okay. Will then found out Paul was Sonny’s first love, and they made some headway…that’s when he encountered the necktie killer. They marvel at getting a second chance to do this right. A part of Will will always love Paul…he’s going to track him down and tell him.

At the Salem Inn, Paul struggles with Kristen for control of her gun and they fall out the window. After, Paul lies unconscious on the ground. Brady and Eve rush to him while Sami mutters, “Where the hell is Kristen?” Eve calls for an ambulance while Sami declares she’ll find that bitch if it’s the last thing she does, and takes off, with Brady warning her to be careful.

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At the police station, Hope and Rafe are concerned about Sami taking off when a call comes in from the Salem Inn.

Rafe and Hope stop Sami in the square. Sami fills them in on the scene at the Salem Inn. Hope runs off after telling Rafe to put out an APB on Kristen. Rafe drags a protesting Sami off to the station.

Outside the Salem Inn, Brady is worried his brother won’t make it as Hope arrives just ahead of the ambulance. Eve describes what happened, and they presume that Kristen still has her gun.

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At the hospital, Kayla wants to get to Steve, but Roman wants her to distance herself for now. Kayla goes to a trauma and it’s Paul. Brady answers her questions and she wheels Paul off for surgery. Eve arrives and Brady tells her Paul’s bleeding internally. He doesn’t know how to tell John. He can’t believe Kristen did this to his family in one day. Paul’s phone rings and Brady answers. He tells Will he’s fine, but Paul’s not.

At the SPD, Sami bickers with Rafe, who won’t allow her to go after Kristen. Rafe knows she’s hot to find out about EJ. After touching on EJ’s effect on their marriage, Sami reminds Rafe he knows what the DiMeras are capable of – Kristen said she injected EJ just as she did Will, and he’s back. Rafe mentions the shooting. Sami protests; she doesn’t even remember doing it. Rafe gets an update from the hospital and Sami cries about Marlena. Hope returns in time to see Rafe holding Sami.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan answers a frantic pounding on the door. Kristen, disheveled, announces, “I’m Kristen, your sister.”

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