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At SPD, Brady takes a call from Eve’s phone from Kristen, who taunts him, seductively as she grins at a gagged and tied up Eve at Doug’s Place. Brady demands to know where Eve is. kristen holds eve captiveKristen wants to give him instructions but Brady forces her to put Eve on the phone. Kristen gives Eve dialogue to read and holds a gun to her chest, promising to shoot if she strays from the script. Eve tells Brady she’s fine and to give Kristen what she wants. Kristen gags her again and has instructions. Later, she says not to bring anyone with him or he’ll never see Eve again. Brady will meet her.

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In the square, Will struggles with trying to understand what happened at John and Marlena’s wedding, as Paul explains about Kristen kidnapping Sami and drugging her and how Sami shot Marlena. Will’s shocked when Paul claims not to know if the shooting was an accident as it all happened so fast and Kristen gave her an ultimatum. Will snipes that this isn’t the first time “that bitch” came after his family. When Paul questions if he remembers her, Will says no. Will can’t believe his mother would shoot his grandmother but Paul says paul tells will marlena was shot by samithere are a lot of eyewitnesses who say she did. Paul brings up the strangulation and Will defends his mother. Paul’s confused. Will claims he’s just starting to figure out some things about her. He flashes to remembering his whole life and Paul questions his demeanor. Will covers and they say I love yous, part ways, and Will goes to the hospital.

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At the hospital, Jenn reassures Eric that Valerie is a wonderful surgeon who saved Abe’s life. Marlena’s in good hands. Eric’s devastated. Belle appears with coffee and is told there’s no news yet. In another room, Rafe has to arrest Sami because there are eyewitness accounts that say she shot Marlena. Rafe asks for her version of what happened. Sami blames Kristen and then shares details about everything that went down including the gun going off by accident. marlena dyingShe thinks Kristen rigged the gun somehow, then talks about how she was held and drugged by Kristen and her two goons. Rafe still has questions and needs her to go down to the station and on record but Sami spits that she’s staying there until her mom’s okay. Rafe is forced to arrest her. Meanwhile, in Marlena’s room, Marlena flatlines and Val and Kayla must do CPR. John tells Doc to come back to him. He knows she can hear him and keeps this up as the doctors work on her. They get the crash cart and use the defibrillator on her and then epinephrine as John begs Marlena to fight. Rafe takes Sami to see the rest of the family and Belle starts in on her. John and Steve appear. John’s beside himself and can’t speak so Steve says she briefly flatlined but pulled through. The bullet hit her lung and it lodged near her heart. Sami apologizes to John but Belle lashes out at Sami. Eric comes between them and Sami professes to love Belle. Belle’s too distraught and angry to hear and reminds Sami of all of the nasty things she’s done and how she blames everyone when she’s the one “breaking lives.” Sami again apologizes. They both cry and Belle says she’s ashamed to call Sami her “sister.” Will appears and he and Sami embrace. Will flashes to talking with her at his wedding. Sami asks why he wasn’t at the wedding. He lies that he was dehydrated. Sami asks him to believe that she was drugged and loves her mother. She’d never hurt her. john cries as marlena is in surgeryWill believes her. Marlena’s wheeled out for surgery and John and Belle go to her. Marlena’s awake. She smiles as Belle and Eric talk to her, begging her to stay strong. Sami urges Will to go next, so Will tells Marlena she was the first person to love him for him. He flashes to first meeting Marlena in Memphis. He tells her she has to come back. He remembers her now. Sami asks John to talk to her mom and Belle refuses. If their mother dies, she’ll never forgive Sami. Eric takes her away and Sami cries to her mom that she loves her. Marlena grins but fades in and out from the drugs. Sami begs her mom to get better and apologizes for crashing her wedding. She was trying to stop Kristen and screwed up again. Sami sobs and John holds her as he cries. He tells her it’s okay. Rafe takes Sami to SPD. John tells his bride he’s going nowhere. Kayla wheels her into surgery and John looks around, lost. He goes into her room and holds her bloody wedding gown to his face and breaks down.brady lies to paul

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Paul stops Brady at SPD and asks if there’s word from Kristen. Brady says there’s no sign of her. Paul needs to help. He wonders if she’ll reach out to Brady. Brady doubts it. Paul fills Brady in on Marlena’s condition and Brady lies that he’s off to the hospital. He asks his brother to stay there.

Brady arrives at Salem Inn to see Kristen.

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