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In bed at the townhouse, John spoils Marlena with chocolate strawberries and a rose. They kiss and Marlena says she’s happy that everyone except Sami has finally RSVP’d to the wedding. John’s sure she’ll call. In the meantime they eat strawberries and make love.

From bed at Martin House, Will texts Sonny about receiving the mysterious letters about Leo. Paul appears with cranberry scones and coffee. Will professes his love of Paul and the scones. They kiss and Paul confesses he saw Will with Sonny at the pub when he was supposed to be at home. Will stammers through a cover up about Ari being upset, so he put work on hold to discuss it with Sonny. Paul’s sorry he asked. He felt a little jealous. Will reassures him. John arrives and Will leaves. John asks Paul to do a reading at the wedding. Paul’s honored. He admires his dad and Marlena’s relationship. John asks for advice on wedding vows since Paul’s were so beautiful. Paul cringes a little since the marriage never happened.

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Sonny and Adrienne discuss Steve’s eyesight at Mandalay but Sonny’s distracted. Adrienne asks him what’s up and he says he’s thinking about Arianna and Gabi’s strained relationship. Adrienne’s sorry but she knows it’s more. Is it Leo? Sonny brushes her off. She urges him to spill it so he admits he’s upset at Chad’s tactics as Titan CEO. Sonny wants to earn back Uncle Vic’s trust and get his job back. Adrienne takes a call and Sonny finds a note in his bill which reads, “Did you and Will really think this was over?” Panic crosses his face and when Adrienne returns, he’s short with her. Will strolls up and Adrienne dashes off. Sonny shows Will the new note. Will looks exasperated. They talk to the waitress but she knows nothing. Will wants to call the cops. Ted meanders up.

Brady wakes up at Salem Inn alone to a note from Eve, who is off running an errand.

Eve paces at the Kiriakis manse, ranting about the custody case and keeping Jennifer’s mouth shut. Victor’s shocked to learn Jenn knows Nicole killed Deimos. He’s astounded. Now, Jenn knows that Brady obstructed justice. Eve defends herself but Victor knows “That Horton woman” has a conscience, unlike them. Eve admits Eric proposed last night though she’s unsure if Jenn said yes. Brady calls and they discuss meeting for breakfast. They disconnect and Eve’s giddy, thinking Jenn didn’t talk to Brady yet. Victor hopes she keeps her mouth shut.

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At the pub, Jennifer listens to Brady’s message, asking if his grandfather had a partner in planting the drugs at JJ’s. Jenn frowns. Eric appears. He thinks she’s hard at work and admires her work ethic. Jenn muses that she’s no saint. Steve and Kayla stroll in and upon seeing the rock on Jenn’s finger, they congratulate Eric and Jenn on their engagement. They celebrate. They haven’t set a date yet because of John and Marlena’s upcoming wedding. Brady waltzes in and Steve shouts his name. Brady’s floored. “You can see?” He’s thrilled. They shake hands and Brady congratulates Jenn and Eric after learning about the engagement. Eric asks if she has proof that Victor planted those drugs. Jenn does have information. She tells him about the social worker’s involvement. Brady’s angry. She says she confronted Victor who admitted to everything. Brady races off before Jenn can tell him there’s more. Kayla’s disgusted. Steve considers that Vic told himself he was helping Brady but it was the worst kind of manipulation. Jenn lets them know JJ got his job back. Steve wants to celebrate with a stack of flapjacks, bacon and eggs. Eric wants to share his news with his mother so he takes off alone and Steve goes to take care of something for his sister. Once the men are gone, Kayla notices Jenn’s reserved. They discuss Abigail’s pregnancy and being desperate to hold on to love. Kayla can see Jenn’s talking about herself and offers to lend an ear. Jenn admits she’s keeping a secret from Eric. Outside, Steve meets Adrienne. He found a lead on Bonnie Lockhart.

Eric meets Marlena in her office and he fills her in on how he and Brady have made amends. Marlena brings up Sami not RSVPing to the wedding. Eric is sure she’ll make a grand entrance, then blurts that he and Jennifer are engaged. Marlena squeals and hugs her son. He mentions his past with Nicole and his future with Jenn.

Brady arrives at Victor’s and tells Eve and Victor that Jennifer told him everything. Alarmed, Eve stammers. Vic asks what else he knows…

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Victor agrees to help Eve for a price.

Steve overhears something…