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At the pub, Roman digs up some booze to celebrate Steve and Kayla’s anniversary and Steve’s new bionic eye. When Steve toasts to Kayla and says he doesn’t know what she did to get him the new eye, Kay looks away uneasily.stefan interrupts steve and kayla's celebration

Gabi approaches Kate in the park and questions if Stefan has something on her which has to do with Chad. She thinks she can help so Kate finally spills that Stefan’s blackmailing her over something she doesn’t want to become public. She doesn’t want to hurt Chad, and if he knew, he wouldn’t forgive her. He has enough on his plate. Gabi knows about Abigail’s pregnancy which she feels she brought on herself. Kate’s surprised to hear that. She thought they were besties. “Were,” clarifies Gabi. Kate gets it. There are no consequences for Abigail after all she has done. Gabi has a plan set in motion to get revenge. She spills that Abby’s baby is really Chad’s. Kate’s shocked. She’s hurting Chad. “Do you want him back?” Kate asks. Gabi says it’s not about that. If the truth comes out, it’ll destroy Stefan, especially if they’ve bonded. Chad’s collateral damage. Kate wants to tell Chad but Gabi blackmails her. Kate’s exasperated and finds what Gabi’s doing cruel. Gabi shrugs. They agree to keep each other’s secrets and take Stefan down.

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Chad surprises Abigail at Alice’s with an apology. chad and abigail reuniteHe stammers and admits he needed time to think. The baby will be a constant reminder of Stefan. Is that what she wants? It’s not, so he asks her to explain it. She states that she’d never cheat on him but Gabby chose to be with him. “It was me,” she says, because Gabby is part of her. Abby reminds him she locked up Kate, Vivian and Marlena, she sent Gabi to jail and cheated on Chad. She has to take responsibility for all of her alts actions. Chad groans and Abby asks if he can handle this. He’ll try, and promises to love her forever. They tear up and agree to therapy, then hug.

Brady and Eve get ready at Salem Inn for a night on the town but Brady’s in a funk over Tate. Eve suggests that Victor planted the drugs in the hopes that Brady would get full custody of Tate, telling a half-truth. Brady wonders if he had a partner and Eve yells to let it go. They take off for dinner.

At Doug’s Place, Jennifer sits Eric down. They need to talk about Nicole. Eric asks why. He’s not in love with Nicole, he’s in love with Jenn. Jennifer tears up and Eric thinks he’s been lax in showing her. He pulls out a ring and Jenn’s mouth drops. He loves her. Only her. He shows her a gorgeous ring, then asks her, “Do the honor of becoming my wife.” She hesitates and finds it’s sudden. She makes him happy and Jenn admits he makes her happy. He leaves the ring with her and asks her to think on it. He goes.Jennifer and Eve argue about their lovers

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Back at the pub, Roman takes off to the kitchen and Stefan arrives to congratulate Steve and Kayla on the miraculous bionic eye. He imagines it must have been difficult to make it happen. Steve defers to Kayla. “Seems there’s nothing Dr. Johnson can’t do or wouldn’t do,” Stefan remarks ominously, puzzling Steve. Stefan tells Steve that he and Abigail are having a baby. Steve asks if this is some sick joke. Kayla claims it’s true. Stefan’s happy to have a piece of Gabigail with him. Steve doubts neither Chad nor Abby will let him near the kid. Stefan grins that miracles do happen – take Steve’s eyesight. “Right Kayla?” Stefan asks.

Outside Doug’s Place, Brady gets a call from Theresa and Tate so Eve heads inside. She finds Jennifer staring at her new rock and gasps, “Did Eric propose?” Jenn wants to be left alone but Eve guesses Jenn didn’t say yes. She calls Eric a decent hot guy and wonders how Jenn could say no. Jenn can’t accept his proposal until Eric knows the truth. Eve calls her a bigger idiot than she thought. Jenn counters that she doesn’t want a relationship built on lies. Eve whisper yells that if she tells him not to mess up her relationship with Brady. She takes off outside as Brady disconnects. Eve decides to order room service.

jenn and eric kiss at the pub

Back at Salem Inn, Brady calls to leave a message for Jenn to call about the investigation.

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Eric arrives at the pub and fills his dad in on Jenn not accepting his proposal. Roman comforts him. Eric wonders if he misread the situation. Jenn enters and states that he didn’t. She never should have let him leave. She takes out food and says yes to his proposal. Eric grabs her in a hug and kiss.

At the square, Steve and Kay discuss Abigail’s pregnancy.

At home, Stefan drinks.

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