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At the Salem Inn, Brady and Eve debate telling Eric the truth about Nicole. Theresa calls on Tate’s behalf and Brady shelves the conversation. After the call, Brady fills her in on Jennifer’s visit and how she thinks Victor was responsible for him losing custody of his son. Eve looks panicked.

Eric finds Jennifer outside the pub talking to herself. She flashes to knowing Nicole was forced to leave Salem and admits she discovered a secret and isn’t sure what to do with it. It’d cause a lot of pain if she spilled. Eric believes honesty is best. They agree to meet to dinner and say “I love you,” before she shuffles away. Eric goes inside and talks to Roman about Brady and Eve and that he’s finally on board with them. He tells his dad he’s got a special date with Jenn tonight so he has to go. His dad offers to make them some of ‘mom’s’ clam chowdah and close the place down but Eric declines with a hug.

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JJ and Gabi jog to the square. He tells her he’s hopeful that his suspension will lift since his mom learned who planted drugs at his place. Gabi shares that Arianna’s still not talking to her. JJ offers to talk to her but Gabi assumes he already has a lot on his plate with Abigail. JJ’s puzzled. Gabi thought he knew. She fills him in all about his sister being pregnant with Stefan’s kid. “That son-of-a-bitch raped her,” JJ exclaims. Gabi spills that Chad walked out – he needed time to process. She claims she feels for them. She shrugs that everything comes out on top for Abigail. JJ shoots her a look and she quickly says that’s what they want. For Chad and Abby to come out on top. JJ takes a call – his boss reinstated him. Gabi’s so happy she hugs him.

Stefan manhandles Kate in the park and stefan manhandles katereminds her she agreed to provide him with intel about Chad, or else. He walks off.

At Alice’s, Abigail calls Chad, who is heading into Doug’s Place. Abby is worried about him. He’s sorry. He’s had a lot on his mind. She hoped they’d get through this together. Chad lies that Victor is in his office and he has to go. He disconnects and Abs trips over Thomas’ train and breaks it. She starts to cry as Jennifer walks in. Abs tells her mama that she’s pregnant with Stefan’s baby and Chad spent the night at Titan because he’s not able to get past this. Abby’s ashamed. Jenn tells her not to be. Chad loves her. Abby says she’s told Gabi, who just learned she can’t have children. Abs blames herself. Jenn feels awful. She’s hesitant to go on her date tonight but Abby insists.

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Stefan appears at Salem Inn to see Brady and Eve brady and eve have sexand discuss their contract. Eve gets him the new paperwork. He snorts at the additions which look after their own interests. Everyone signs and Stefan says he’s sorry to hear about him losing custody of Tate. He can relate. “I’m about to be a father myself.” He lets them know about getting Abby pregnant. Eve finds it humorous. They’re in to help Stefan go after Titan – and Chad – though they don’t trust Stefan. Later, Eve tries to get Brady’s mind off of Victor and Jennifer by making love with him.

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Kate strolls up to Chad outside Doug’s Place. He blurts that Abigail’s pregnant with Stefan’s child. They head in and Chad tells her he’s unsure of what to do. Kate brings up an abortion but Stefan talked her out of it as part of the integration process. Chad worries Abby has feelings for his brother. Talk turns to his strategy to get back DiMera but Kate doesn’t want to see any sensitive information. Chad pressures her so she reads the document and learns he’s going up against the same shipping company as DiMera. His moves are more cutthroat than she expected. What if it backfires? He shrugs then goes to take a call and Kate, though it’s clear she’s not happy about it, downloads Chad’s files for Stefan on a thumb drive. Once Chad’s back, he again tells her he’s bringing her on to Titan and they’ll bring Stefan down together. Kate looks ashamed. She brings up Abby and urges Chad to tell Abby he loves her, but he wonders if that’s enough.

Kate meets Stefan at the park with the thumb drive and hands it over. “Choke on it,” she says, as Gabi watches nearby.jenn and eric date night at doug's place

Chad arrives home to Abigail.

Jenn arrives at Doug’s Place. She thinks Eric deserves to know the truth, even if she loses him. She finds him at a table set for romance. There is something important she has to say…

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