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Will arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and shows Sonny the mysterious letter he received which reads, “I know what you and Sonny did.” Sonny exclaims, then they both ponder who sent it and why they sent it to him instead of Sonny. When could they have seen them? Could they have stolen Leo’s car and saw him in the trunk? Sonny wonders why they didn’t say what they wanted and then considers it could have been Leo. Maybe he didn’t die when he flew into the fireplace? 

In the park, Ted tells Ben that he’s released but still a suspect and warns that Hope and Rafe are gunning for him. Ted asks for his phone number but Ben smashed it while he wasn’t on his meds. He can’t afford to buy a new one. The money Chad gave him to leave town is running low and he doesn’t even have a place to sleep. Ted goes and Ben takes a pill.

At SPD, Hope, Rafe and Ciara argue about whether or not Ben is trustworthy then Ciara leaves. Hope wants to go back to the cabin but Rafe pooh poohs that idea. Rafe orders her favorite Thai food and suggests they go over their files. She likes the idea, only if they can start with dessert, first. As they eat, Rafe says the pharmacy has a security camera outside. Maybe they’ll get lucky. Hope holds his hand and thanks him and they share a moment.

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From Alice’s, Abigail tries unsuccessfully to get a hold of Chad. She flashes to Chad being devastated upon learning Stefan’s the father of her baby. Gabi appears and explains that Stefan “accidentally” learned about Abby’s pregnancy from her. She tells the story and Abby asks why she didn’t warn her before Stefan got to the clinic. Gabi lies that her phone was dead so Abby calls it. It rings and Gabi backtracks. She admits she didn’t want Abby to make a mistake she’d later regret. Gabi’s surprised Abby told Chad the truth. She runs off to throw up and Gabi grins. When Abby returns, Gabi gets her crackers to settle her stomach and Abigail shares Chad’s horrified reaction to her pregnancy with Stefan’s kid. Gabi thinks Chad will eventually accept her child.  

Chloe’s surprised when Stefan waltzes into Doug’s Place and gets a round of drinks for everyone on him. He explains he’s going to be a daddy and that Abigail’s the mother. Chloe’s stunned. Stefan approaches Chad and taunts him, guessing he heard the news. Eventually, Chad punches Stefan. Stefan decks him back and they fight until Chloe steps in and tells them to take it outside. Once outside, Stefan continues to rub it in. Chad stammers and thinks Stefan just wants a souvenir. Stefan intends to be a father like he never had.

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Ciara finds Ben at the park. He thanks her for hiring Ted and repeats that he didn’t set the fire. She wants to believe him but doesn’t want to be played again. Ben knows. He’d never hurt her. She offers him money for a hotel and when he refuses, she smiles and calls herself a ‘trust fund baby’. Once she’s gone, he lays down to sleep on the bench, pulling a towel over himself.

Ted arrives to Kate’s room at Salem Inn. He tells her he landed a high profile client – Ben Weston. Kate slaps him across the face and asks, “Are you kidding me?” Ted’s puzzled. She explains Ben murdered her grandson. Ted reminds her he’s alive again but Kate says he died, and they buried him. They grieved for him and it was Ben’s fault. Ted looks downcast then asks what this means for them. Kate’s not sure. She refuses to let anyone hurt her family. Ben says everyone is entitled to a defense, even if he doesn’t like them. He vows not to do something that will hurt Will so she calms down and they kiss and make love. Later, as Kate sleeps, Ted recalls reading the mystery letter to Will and Sonny, and placing it under Will’s door. He snuggles close to Kate.

At home, Stefan tells his father’s portrait that he’s about to become a grandfather again.

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