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Steve wakes up after surgery in his room. Kayla says the bionic eye is functioning perfectly. Steve asks if she minds being “married to a cyborg.” She laughs, then removes the bandage from his right eye. He can’t see anything so they’ll try again in 24 hours. In the waiting room, Tripp tells Claire his dad’s eye surgery went well and Claire fills him in on Ciara’s return and thinks he’s right that she has a “weird bond” with Ben. Tripp doesn’t look happy. Maybe she has Stockholm Syndrome. He heads in to see Steve. Kayla says his optic nerve is still trying to adjust to the bionic eye. She goes and Tripp admits he’s starting to believe his relationship with Ciara is a lost cause due to her time with Ben. Steve points out that she’s stubborn like her old man was. He advises to tell her he’ll be there for her when she’s ready. Outside, Kayla updates Claire, and then questions why she appears distant. Claire wonders if she’s ever been into a guy who was interested in someone else. “David Banning,” Kayla admits. She pined for a while and then met Claire’s Uncle Steve. Kay’s sure that’ll happen for Claire, too. Kay goes back to Steve and snuggles him.

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At SPD, Rafe and Hope pressure Ben to confess to arson. Ted approaches and stops Ben from talking until he can confer with his client. Rafe asks how much Ben is paying him and Ted discloses that it’s $600 an hour. Ciara appears in the doorway and admits she hired Ted. Hope is aghast. Ciara is using some of Grandpa Vic’s trust fund. Hope updates her on the fire being arson. Ben claims he didn’t do it. Ted interjects. He read the Fire Marshall report too. The fire was deemed suspicious but didn’t point to a definite cause. Rafe calls it preliminary and says there’s not a soul who lives within a five mile radius. Ted points out that arsonists don’t have to live in the area of the fires they set. The arsonist could be somebody in Salem who has something to gain by framing his client. Rafe chuckles. Ted did his research and knows Hope did her darndest to keep his client in Shady Hills, and could have made sure he was to blame for the fire, so they could bring him back into custody. It’s not like it’s the first time Rafe and Hope have been involved in an illegal cover-up. Rafe almost loses it until Hope steps in. If he’s blaming them, he’d better have proof. Ted doesn’t need it. He’s pointing out that there could be many explanations. Since they can’t hold Ben, they are forced to let him go.

Gabi arrives at the DiMera mansion and hands Stefan the Gabi Chic papers to sign, then pounces, asking if he talked Abigail out of aborting the baby. He did. Gabi finds it impressive since Abs hates his guts. Stefan also thinks a part of her loves him. Gabi hopes he’s a better dad than Stefano. Stefan plans on being very involved. They talk about how Gabi may be barren and Stefan shrugs, “Right. Whatever.” Gabi snipes that she hates him but loves her company more. She asks him to stay out of Abby and Chad’s marriage.

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At Alice’s place, Abigail admits to Chad she’s pregnant. Chad grabs her in a hug, thrilled. Abigail quickly lets him know that the baby is Stefan’s. Chad stammers. Abigail shows him the paternity test and cries. She’s so sorry. Stefan talked her into keeping it, knowing that being integrated with DID means the baby is hers as much as it’s Gabigail’s. Chad freaks. He doesn’t like her using her DID as an excuse and questions if she’s in love with his brother. She isn’t. Chad cries and asks if she knows what it’ll be like for him to be reminded of finding her in bed with his brother on a daily basis. Abby asks if they can work this out. He can’t tell her that. She tries to touch him but he walks out, teary-eyed.

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