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Kate walks in on Will on a call with Sonny, talking about Leo just as Will asks, “What about the body?” Kate questions him and Will deflects. Kate laughs and says as his grandmother, she hopes he knows he can tell her anything. Will flashes to Kate telling him the same thing when he was in the closet. He relays this news and she gasps, happily. She remembers. He then tells her about the loving memories of Sonny and that it doesn’t change anything. He still loves Paul. Again, Kate asks about ‘the body’, and Will covers that it’s for a story and he can’t comment yet. He kisses her and goes.

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At Jennifer’s house, Chad tells Abigail he’s worried about her since she tossed and turned all night. He goes off to work and Abigail lets Gabi in. Gabi says they don’t have much time. They need to switch the paternity results. Abigail has decided to abort since she can’t lie to her husband or force him to live with the truth. Gabi tries to talk her out of it but she made an appointment today. Gabi yells that Abs is being selfish. She reminds the redhead that she can’t have kids and Abby’s getting rid of a gift. Abigail’s sorry this hurts Gabi’s feelings but it’s not her decision to make. They argue and when Abby goes, Gabi thinks of another way to stop her.  ted visits stefan at the dimera house

At home, Stefan flashes to Gabigail saying goodbye to him for the last time. Ted Laurent wanders in to stop him from blackmailing Kate. Stefan scoffs that he’ll do what he pleases. He mocks Ted for having an emotional connection to his client, Kate. “I bet she’s great in the sack,” Stefan says, crudely, causing Ted to tell him to “shut the hell up.” They argue and Stefan gives him the boot.

At the hospital, as Eli and Abe wait outside, inside Lani’s room, Val tells Lani she’s being released today. Lani’s not sure how she’ll bury her son. Val tries to comfort her but it doesn’t help. At least she, Abe and Eli will be with her. Back outside, Abe thanks Eli for making the arrangements for the memorial. Val appears and tells the men she’s ready. Abe goes to see her. He tells her she chad touches sonny's chestnow knows she has a lot of love to give a child. Lani sobs that she doesn’t know what to do with that love that she gave her baby.

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Sonny arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. He hears Leo didn’t show up to court today. Sonny tells him it’s true. Justin’s in conference with the judge and they’re hoping for a dismissal. Chad says he promised Gabi he’d talk to Arianna about her mother but Aria’s at camp. Justin calls and updates Sonny on how things went with the judge. The case was thrown out. He disconnects, tells Chad and Chad hugs him. Now Chad can finally “go hard” with expansions – there’s a shipping company he’s interested in. Sonny calls it risky. It’ll deplete their cash to buy a shipping company. They disagree on the timing and Sonny accuses his pal of using Titan to take down DiMera.

Gabi arrives at the DiMera mansion, Gabi hands Stefan papers, she claims he needs to sign. When he begins to read them, she pretends that she gave him the wrong ones and tries to take them back. It’s toostefan yells at Abby not to abort 'his' baby late and Stefan realizes Abby’s pregnant with his kid. Gabi tells him she hates him and is aborting. Stefan vows to destroy Gabi Chic unless she comes clean. She calls him a bastard then reveals Abby’s whereabouts.

Abigail arrives at the hospital for her procedure but is intercepted by Stefan.

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At the square, Abe, Val, Lani and Eli place yellow roses by Tom and Alice’s plaque. Lani cries and tells David they love him. There are hugs and Eli takes Lani home.

Will arrives home to find a letter has been shoved under his door, stating that they know what he and Sonny did.

Ted arrives at Kate’s to tell her the case with Leo was dismissed. He admits he went to see Stefan to tell him to back off. Kate didn’t ask him to. Ted knows, so if she wants to kick him out, he’ll understand. She kisses him, happy he defended her. She warns him to be careful with Stefan, who is a beast and then takes him to bed for sex.

Eli takes Lani home and gives her clam chowdah from the Brady’s Pub. Eli breaks down and Lani asks if he’ll let her be there for him now.

At Doug’s Place, Gabi sips a martini and laughs at duping Stefan.

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