Claire’s on a call with Tripp, wondering where Ciara went when she left the hospital when Ciara strolls in. Ciara says she didn’t have to get off the phone with her boyfriend. Claire denies Tripp being her boyfriend. They both care about her and Claire says she was going out of her mind when Ciara was missing. Ciara bitches that at least with her out of the picture, she and Tripp wouldn’t have to worry about anyone walking in on them naked. Claire apologizes. It meant nothing. Ciara thinks she’d do anything to hurt her. Claire apologizes again and Ciara stops her. She’s moving on. “With Ben Weston?” Claire asks. Ciara says Ben took care of her. Claire doesn’t think Ben rescued her out of the good of his heat. He wanted to have the sick thrill of recreating one of his crimes by burning down the cabin with someone in it. Ciara says it wasn’t like that. Claire calls her naive. Ciara asks Claire to stay out of her way. She’ll be living there for the time being.

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At SPD, Ben flashes to watching Ciara sleep at the cabin when Hope arrives. They go over the fire mysteriously breaking out at the cabin and Ben says he’s told Hope everything he knows. Hope again asks how the fire started but again, he tells her he has no clue. Maybe it was a wiring issue. Rafe strolls in and says the fire wasn’t an accident. They show him proof, which causes Ben’s jaw to drop. It makes no sense! Hope thinks the voices in his head told him to do something he didn’t want to do. She asks if he’s hearing the voices now. He’s not. Hope starts badgering him, to make an admission and when it doesn’t work, Rafe says they’re charging him with attempted murder. Ben wants his phone call. He calls Ciara.

From the square, Jenn tells a reporter on a call that she read the piece she filed on Ben Weston but they need more. She disconnects as Eric walks up. They discuss finding whomever it was who planted the drugs in JJ’s apartment just as Eve walks by looking guilty. Jennifer approaches her and Eve talks crap about those drugs being JJ’s. Jennifer defends her son and lets Eve know somebody planted those drugs. “You wouldn’t happen to know who that someone is would you?” Eric wonders if it was Victor but Jennifer doesn’t think that’s possible since Brady and Vic had a falling out. But Eve would have done it. The women bicker and Eve snipes at Jenn to go back to baking donuts for her boyfriend. She flashes to Brady telling her about Nicole killing Deimos but thinks JJ should have minded his own business, “but I guess when you’re a holier than thou Horton, you just can’t help yourself.” She walks away, leaving Eric and Jennifer intrigued. Jenn calls to talk to the guy who found the drugs at JJ’s.

At Salem Inn, Brady shows Maggie a watch he bought to give to Tate. His first watch. Maggie listens to it tick and Brady ruminates, wondering how this happened. At least he has Eve, a woman he can trust. Maggie decides Brady’s going with her to the pub. She drags him out.

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At the pub, Theresa gives Tate something to eat. JJ’s sorry about her mom. Theresa comments that she’s had a complicated relationship with her mom. She never told her mom that and now it may be too late now that her leukemia is back. Theresa’s close to tears. He feels for her having to go through yet another terrible crisis while Theresa is heartbroken over letting him ruin his career. She declares that she and Tate are moving to California. Brady and Maggie walk in and he asserts that she’s not moving anywhere. Their case is being appealed. He grabs her and starts yelling until JJ blurts about Kimberly’s cancer returning. “She might be returning.” Brady apologizes. Maggie goes upstairs to say goodbye to Tate and Theresa cries and holds Brady’s hand. Eve walks in and Brady relays news that Kim’s cancer is back. Eve’s sorry. She had no idea. Theresa tells her sister about her move. Tate rushes his dad with a hug. Brady thinks Tate should get to know his grandma. He calls Theresa a great mom. Brady gives Tate the watch and the kid gives it back while Theresa says it’s okay if Eve calls Tate. They make amends and hug and profess their love for one another, then Theresa goes outside and says a heartfelt goodbye to JJ before leaving for the airport.

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