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Steve’s admitted to the hospital, waiting with John, Marlena, Roman and Adrienne for word from the surgeon and the engineer to make a decision on whether or not he’ll get his bionic eye. They’re glad they didn’t have to ask Stefan for help. Talk turns to Sonny’s sexual harassment case and how Leo’s gone missing. They discuss John and Marlena’s upcoming wedding and hope Steve can ‘see’ it. Meanwhile, JJ addresses Kayla in her office regarding the drugs planted in his apartment but how he confessed they were his in order to help Theresa gain custody of Tate, and that it got him suspended from his job. steve gets a bionic eyeHe asks if Kayla will speak to the judge on his behalf and let him know he’s not using. Kayla suggests he go to the judge first and she’ll support him. JJ worries the judge will reopen the case and Theresa could lose Tate. JJ goes and Kayla gets a call from the engineer who says the surgery is a go. She goes and tells Steve and the others, who cheer and pray for him. They go and Kayla gets scrubbed in for surgery.

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Theresa finds Victor at the pub, dining. Vic says she’s fired. But she can stay on at Bella if she agrees to joint custody of Tate. Theresa can’t do that so he goes. JJ arrives and she fills him in on Victor’s deal. JJ tells her that he was suspended and Theresa calls it ‘unfair’ and wants to talk to his boss. He won’t let her.

Jennifer arrives at Salem Inn. She heard he lost custody of Tate and is sad, “but if you planted drugs in my son’s apartment, maybe this is the way it should be.” Brady denies having anything to do with the drugs. Jenn knows JJ doesn’t either and begs Brady to admit he planted the drugs. Brady swears on his son’s life he didn’t do it. Both wonder then how the drugs wound up in his apartment. Jenn takes off to get answers.

Eve arrives at Doug’s Place. Chloe missed her in yoga. Eve wasn’t up for downward dog after Brady lost custody to Theresa. Chloe feels bad. Eve blames herself. Chloe heard that Theresa was using again but Eve says it’s not true. She looks ashamed and Chloe realizes that she planted the drugs. Eve says she didn’t plant them but she set the plan in motion. Chloe’s disappointed in her friend. Eve’s disappointed in herself. But she couldn’t let Theresa take Tate from Brady. Eve never meant for JJ to get hurt. They discuss the custody case and while it looks like Brady might have killed Deimos, he’s not the murderer. Chloe asks who is. Eve won’t say, though she admits there’s proof. Chloe goes to work and eavesdrops as Brady appears to Eve who tells him to go back to Theresa and get his son back. Brady refuses but lets her know about Jennifer’s visit and how he believes the cocaine wasn’t JJ’s.

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In the square, Roman, John and Marlena are hopeful that Steve’s bionic eye surgery is a success. Roman goes to take a call which gives him bad news while John and Marlena talk about how much they love each other. Marlena can’t wait to be married so the rest of the world can see them as a team.

In the park, Adrienne is excited to let Jennifer know that Steve’s going to give them an exclusive for The Spectator. Jenn’s a million miles away, thinking about JJ so Adrienne hugs her. Jenn asks her for help in clearing his name.

Roman returns to the pub with terrible news for Theresa.

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