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Jennifer arrives at the pub with Alice’s famous cake doughnuts. Eric gets excited until she reveals they’re for JJ. Eric assumes correctly that it’s a rouse for her to check up on her son. Jenn admits she’s worried Theresa could bring out the worst in him. She’s in no position to criticize Theresa, considering her own drug addiction but she thinks her son is susceptible to bad influences.

Theresa bitches to JJ at home that it was enough that Brady fell in love with Nicole, but then he had to fall for her sister. Then to top it off, her parents, Kim and Shane, haven’t even visited her yet. She laments making a mess. JJ declares that Justin will clean it up. Theresa thanks him for being such a great listener. She confesses part of the reason she doesn’t want to share custody is that she doesn’t want to be alone. She’ll only have Tate part time. She sobs and JJ is supportive. Theresa isn’t certain if she should go for sole custody or shared. She goes off to talk to Brady.

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In Salem Inn, Eve tells Victor on a call that she hasn’t found the recording of Nicole admitting to murdering Deimos. As Brady walks in she says it’s on to plan B. He questions her and she covers that it’s about working with Stefan. Brady shows Eve the cookies her sister baked. He thinks it’s a good sign. Eve snipes that he’d be a fool to fall for this ‘Betty Crocker’ act. Theresa

shows up and gets rid of Eve so she can discuss the case. Eve eavesdrops from the bathroom as Theresa tells Brady she thinks he’s afraid of his feelings for her. Brady says he’s with Eve now so she says she’ll drop the custody battle and go for shared custody. Once she’s gone, Eve and Brady celebrate with a kiss, then Eve privately calls Victor to tell him to stop plan B. Vic says it’s too late.

From her office, Kayla takes a call from Abigail to inquire about the paternity test results. Kay says they’ll be in later today. Gabi strolls in. She heard the conversation and admits she knows Abs is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. Gabi explains that she’s there with abdominal pains. The ER was packed so Maggie convinced her to see Kay. Kayla examines her. They talk about Joey having an easier time in prison than Gabi and then Kay runs tests. When they’re back, Kayla tells Gabi that she has a systemic infection in her reproductive organs. Most likely it happened as a result of surgery in prison. Gabi worries she can’t have kids. Kayla conveys that there is a chance that she may not. Gabi tries to take it in. She feels that since Andre was killed, her life was turned upside down. Kayla knows Gabs has so much to live for. She prescribes antibiotics and goes. Gabi thinks to herself that this is Stefan and Abigail’s fault.

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Chad comes upon Abigail in her room at Jennifer’s. He’d psyched to show her that he’s in the news in a positive news piece about becoming CEO of Titan. Abigail grins. She called in a favor from someone from her PR days. He’s thankful. He asks her to stay away from Stefan and she nods. He tweaks her nose and remarks that Titan stock went up after Leo vanished. Abigail finds that curious. They start kissing and wind up having sex and share quiet conversation about their kid. Abby feels she missed out on his childhood. “Let’s have another baby,” Chad suggests. Abby’s taken aback. He thinks her quiet demeanor means she wants to table the discussion. Once Chad is gone, Abs calls for her test results but is told to go see her doctor.

Back at JJ’s, a guy from Child Protective Services, (played by Herbert Russell), arrives to check that JJ’s apartment is suitable enough for Tate if Theresa wins custody. He’s searching the house as Theresa shows up. She’s introduced to the guy and tells him that she plans on sharing custody, just as he finds a baggie of cocaine.

Back at the hospital, Abigail’s test results are brought to Kayla’s office. Since she’s gone, Gabi grabs the envelope and gets an evil glint in her eye.

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