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At the loft, Claire stops hyperventilating and starts kissing Tripp. He pulls away and tripp and claire make out while ciara's goneshe apologizes. She feels lost and Tripp makes her feel safe. Tripp knows she’s just looking for comfort but she admits she has a thing for him and always has. Tripp rejects her. He’s into Ciara.

At the cabin, Ben tells Ciara that maybe he hasn’t changed at all, that because he’s off of his medication, he’s finally seeing clearly. Ciara knows that’s not true. She asks him to relax and promises everything will be okay. He closes his eyes and when he opens them, he again sees that she’s cuffed to the bed. He jumps, asking if he did that to her. She tells him she’s not handcuffed. He begins to hear his father, Clyde’s voice, saying, “She’s lying to you, boy. Trying to fool you, same as that slut Abigail.” He hallucinates that he’s seeing Clyde and Ciara tries to get him to realize that it’s not real. Clyde suggests his son strangle Ciara or burn the cabin down but Ben doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He moves toward Ben and Ciara brandishes her knife and yells to stay away. ciara tries to calm benShe again tells him that Clyde’s not there. It’s a hallucination. Ben admits he doesn’t know what’s real anymore. Ciara puts her knife down and offers her hand. He can feel it because it’s real. Clyde can’t do the same because he’s not real. Ben takes her hand and sits down and Clyde fades away. He’s astounded. It really wasn’t real. Ciara shuts off her phone and asks Ben to run to the pharmacy to get his prescription. He apologizes for scaring her and goes. Ciara takes a few deep breaths and tells herself that Ben won’t hurt her.

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In court, Eve says she never really believed that Brady murdered Deimos. She was merely angry with him. Ted rests and Justin asks Eve if she knows if Brady had anything to do with Deimos’ death. Eve says she doesn’t. brady takes stand in custody caseThey recess and Theresa drags Ted outside and reams him out for going too far with Brady, who will hate her forever for this. Ted argues that it had to be done to win custody. Back inside, Eve bemoans Ted twisting her words around. Justin says they need to counter this move, but it’s risky. He asks Brady to testify that he has no idea of who killed Deimos – assuming that’s the truth. Brady gets on the stand and says he didn’t kill Deimos, but when Ted asks if he’s hiding that Eve did it, Brady says she’s not capable. Ted asks if that’s so, why did he hire his brother Paul to do a background check on her? Brady finally admits he was the one who planted that cursed amulet on Eve. She crosses her arms, unhappily. They recess again and Theresa apologizes for what Ted put him through. She didn’t put him up to it. hope gets clyde out of prison so he can find benShe blames her sister who spits that her lawyer, “Pepe Le Pew” did this.

In an office at Statesville, Hope and Rafe question Clyde as to Ben’s whereabouts. He tells them he’s in the sanitarium and seems surprised to learn that Ben’s been released. He asks why they’re looking for him. Hope lets him know they think he took her daughter. She asks if he’ll make a public appeal on the news. Clyde considers he could but won’t. “Payback’s a bitch, isn’t it?” Hope goes at him and calls him a son-of-a-bitch. Rafe holds the commissioner back.

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At the pub, JJ talks to Eric about getting tangled up with Theresa but he feels jj and eric at pubsorry for her. He hates how Brady’s treating her like crap. Eric loves Theresa but she creates chaos wherever she goes. JJ argues that he’s her only friend. Eric admires him but she needs to go back to L.A. Eric worries he’s taking on too much but thanks to his sessions with Eric, JJ says he’s doing fine. Eric asks about his thoughts on Lani losing the baby. JJ’s handing it well and worried about her.

JJ arrives home to Theresa who is wallowing in sugary cereal. JJ’s sorry today was a disaster. Theresa admits it wasn’t.

At Salem Inn, Brady feels dejected. Eve admits she knew Brady planted the amulet on her and she’s over it. Brady admits Victor was going to get Xander to murder Deimos but it turned out, he didn’t get a chance. He knows who did it and kept it from the police for selfish reasons. Eve’s thunderstruck. Just then, Eric walks up, prepared to knock.cabin is on fire with ciara inside

Back at SPD, Hope becomes more anxious. Rafe notes that Ciara’s phone was just on. They try to get a location.

Back at the cabin, Ciara starts to cough and notices a fire has broken out.

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Hope and Rafe race to find her daughter.