JJ brings Lani a lovely bouquet of flowers in the hospital. He’s sorry for her loss. She cries and stares at the baby’s footprints, wondering if he would have liked soccer like her. Lani’s grateful to JJ for getting her to the hospital, though he feels responsible for her going into labor. She blames herself because when she learned of her pregnancy, she considered an abortion. JJ holds her while she cries. He assures her that this isn’t her fault. She needs to do what he does now. Forgive yourself and be grateful for the lesson she learned from that mistake, learn from it and then let go. Lani sobs. JJ calls the baby a blessing. One day she’ll have another baby to give her love to. Lani thanks him for his wise words.

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In court, Theresa messages JJ looking for moral support. Eve and Brady show up and start bickering about who has the stronger bond with their son. Theresa then accuses Eve of not caring when she went missing for almost two years. Eve denies that. She did worry and miss her sister. Brady agrees and adds that he felt abandoned. He won’t let her hurt them again. Judge Duncan appears and the court is back in session.

Sonny’s startled to see Paul at the door at the Kiriakis mansion. Paul’s looking for Will. Sonny lies that he was there and left. He thanks Paul for helping him with Leo and gets rid of him, then goes to get the car. Inside, Will finishes rolling Leo up in Maggie’s rug when she walks in. Will’s eyes widen and he lies that Ari spilled juice on the rug and he was taking it to get cleaned. Maggie says they spill on the rug all the time. She retrieves a solvent and cloth from a chest of drawers and is about to unroll the rug to clean it when she gets a text. She has to go, so hands over the solvent and toddles off, much to Will’s relief. Sonny returns and frets while they move the body to his car.

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Back in court, Ted brings in Maggie as a witness to show Brady’s a danger to his son. Maggie gets on the stand and Ted tells the judge that Maggie’s Brady’s AA sponsor. She’s forced to tell the court when the last time was that Brady fell off the wagon. Brady tries to stop the questioning but Maggie says Brady fell off the wagon last month and it’s happened a few times over the years, but insists Tate was never in danger. Eve’s name comes up and Ted tells the court that Brady asked Eve to marry him in order to take over her company. Maggie says that happened at first but they’re in love now. Justin tries to object and then cross examines Maggie, confirming that Brady’s now sober and an excellent father. Justin tells the court they’re now suing for full custody. In walks Chloe, who is prepared to testify that Theresa is unfit.

Sonny and Will wind up at the park, wondering if leaving Leo’s car in an industrial area is okay. Their fingerprints are all over it. Will calms Sonny down, saying they need to find a way to cover their tracks. Sonny claims nobody saw him talk to Leo, which means nobody knows he was the last to see him alive. They ponder what to do with the body and Leo’s car. They decide to stage an accident. Talk turns to Will’s memories. Sonny asks how it felt to remember his love for him. Will says it was a clear memory but, “If you’re asking me if my feelings are coming back…” Sonny knows he’s with Paul. val and abe visit lani in the hospitalWill realizes he has to call him before he becomes suspicious. They agree to meet, later.

Back at the hospital, JJ finally receives Theresa’s text and leaves. Later, Lani ends a call with Theo when Val and Abe turn up. Lani tells them JJ came by. Abe can see he brightened her spirits. Val gives Lani Eli’s teddy bear and blanket from when he was a baby. Abe suggests they wrap Abraham in the blanket when they lay him to rest. Lani asks them to keep the teddy bear for when Eli has another child.

Maggie returns home and sees Sonny cleaning Leo’s blood from the mantle. She assumes it’s more of Ari’s grape juice. Sonny tries to act normal.

Will returns to Martin House. Paul asks if he received his texts. Will lies that his phone was off. He was doing research for a story. Paul wants to get grub and watch the fireworks but Will’s in the zone and wants to finish up. Paul laughs and they hug.

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