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Gabi rushes to Abigail in the park with Stefan’s toothbrush. Now that Abby has both men’s DNA she can get a paternity test. As Abs shoves the toothbrush into her purse, Stefan appears and sees it. He approaches the women and welcomes Abby back. He wants to know what they’re up to. Abigail stares into space and Gabi looks guilty as sin. Abigail whips out one of Thomas’ toys and Gabi lies that it was the reason why she stopped by the house. So that Abigail didn’t have to see him. Gabi goes and Abigail stays behind. Stefan misses Gabigail. Gabi tells him that her alters and their memories are integrated. She recalls her feelings and what she did. “Then you remember how good we were together,” he says, sparking a memory of Gabigail kissing Stefan and removing his clothes. He asks if Gabby’s feelings for him have disappeared and Abigail stares. “It’s done,” she says. She asks him to back off. Stefan vows he’d never hurt her. Gabby means too much to him. She thanks him and goes.

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Marlena stops by Kayla’s with photos of wedding gowns. She can’t make up her mind and needs help. Kayla’s surprised at the gowns. “I thought you were a pantsuit nation type of gal these days.” Marlena insists on having an old fashioned kind of wedding. Kayla likes them all. She shares news that she was able to get the technology for the bionic eye for Steve. Marlena’s psyched but notices Kayla’s not smiling. “What is it you’re not telling me?” Doc asks. Kayla calls it complicated. Marlena’s got a degree in complicated. Kayla breaks down and admits she had to do Stefan a favor in order for him to give her the technology. Marlena wants Kay to be careful. He’s more dangerous than ever with a broken heart.

At the pub, Steve and John talk about how cool it’d be to have bionic vision like the Six Million Dollar Man. John apologizes again for being the reason Steve went blind. Steve’s over it. He can’t imagine what Kayla had to pull off to get this done. John thinks Kayla must be excited. Steve admits she’s been low key about it. John suggests she’s just nervous. They talk about John and Marlena’s upcoming wedding and Steve hopes that he can see his wife’s face without the same pain he hears in her voice.

At Mandalay, Kate worries to Chad that Leo’s up to something. He hasn’t been responding to her texts or calls. chad, kate discuss gabi working for stefanChad wonders if he’ll double cross her and tell Sonny the truth. Kate says if he does, then he’s a dead man. Paul walks up and tells them about Leo being an alias for Matthew Cooper, who is a prostitute. Once Paul’s gone, Chad says he’ll make sure the settlement goes through. Gabi turns up and complains about Arianna ignoring her. Kate assures her that her kids have been angrier at her in the past and is certain Ari will come around. Chad goes and Gabi asks why Kate was really at the mansion earlier. “It sounded like he was putting the screws to you.” Kate shrugs it off.

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Sonny hauls Leo off of Will at the Kiriakis mansion and Leo goes flying into the fireplace. Sonny and Will go to him to see if he’s okay and realize he’s dead. They close the French doors and Will moves to call the police. Sonny begs him not to. Will has to report this, but Sonny thinks he’ll be up the creek without a paddle if the cops come. He panics. His family is already in a scandal. Nobody will believe that it was an accident. They debate and Sonny thinks they should get rid of the body. Will responds that they can’t go around disposing of bodies. Sonny tells Will to go and he’ll do the rest. “You are not involved,” he tells his ex. Will can’t leave him like this. Sonny suggests they roll Leo up in the rug. As they do, Will brings up having a memory from his past. Sonny’s excited as Will explains. Sonny gathers Leo’s belongings after they roll Leo up in Maggie’s rug.

Paul knocks on Will’s door at Martin House and gets no response. He lets himself in and then calls Will, who ignores him at Sonny’s behest.

At the pub, as John and Steve are drinking to August 22, the date of John and Marlena’s wedding, Marlena walks in. They discuss Steve’s bionic eye and when Steve asks if his wife seemed excited, Marlena asks why she wouldn’t be.

Chad runs into Stefan at the park and Stefan reveals he just spoke with Abby. They rehash Gabigail’s feelings for Stefan and Chad walks away.

Abigail finds Kayla in her office and shows her the toothbrush and the fork.

Back at the mansion, Sonny goes to get the car when he finds Paul at the doorstep.

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