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Brady hugs his son goodbye before Tate goes off with Eve to feed the ducks at the park. Once they’re gone, Brady looks stressed.

From JJ’s, Theresa stares at a photo of Tate. JJ arrives and helps her fasten her bracelet. She’s nervous. She only dreamed of coming home to Tate but not to this mess. JJ wonders if she’s having second thoughts about suing for custody. Theresa believes she had no other recourse. JJ says he’ll go with her to the hearing for support. She tears up when he calls himself “team Theresa all the way.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny rants to Justin that Titan stock still hasn’t gone up. Justin says to give it time. He takes off to Brady’s custody hearing. Sonny receives a text from Leo, asking to meet. Sonny invites Leo over and once he’s there, Leo pats Sonny down to ensure he’s not recording their conversation. He’s not. And he can’t wait until court so he can see Leo sweat. Leo begins to sweat already and blurts that this lawsuit was not his idea, but it’s working. He has a way to save the family business. Leo thinks they’ve a real connection and he’ll drop the lawsuit if Sonny marries him – today.

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From the DiMera house, Stefan looks at the photos Kayla took of Kate and Leo before sending Kate a text, asking if she received the photos.

At Mandalay, Kate throws her phone down in anger after reading Stefan’s text. Ted appears and she shows him the photos. He thinks this could compromise her position. He offers to call Stefan after court but Kate will handle it.

Paul and Will wake up in bed together at the Martin House. Paul was worried about Will since they dosed him with the anti-amnesia serum. Will was hopeful he’d remember something by now. They talk about whether or not Will will choose him and Paul says the most important thing is Will’s memory. Will’s moved. Paul professes that he loves Will, for the first time, and it sparks a memory of Sonny telling Will that he loves him. He shares this with Paul and Paul says he should explore it. Where did it happen? When? Will isn’t sure. He just wants to go to the lake today and make more memories. Will apologizes for not responding to Paul’s declaration of love. Paul moves to get up and Will stops him, then has another memory of telling Sonny he loves him. He looks guilty and Paul says it’s okay. Will admits what he recalled. Paul thinks it’s good. Progress. “What does this mean for you and me?” Will is surprised by his question and Paul panics and assumes his hesitation means they’re over. Will grabs him and kisses him. That was just a memory, “But what I feel now, in this moment, is that I love you.”

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Eve returns to Salem Inn and Brady says he’s worried the judge will side with Theresa. Eve doubts this and thinks the judge will see that her sister is punishing him. Brady relaxes some. They kiss and he says she gives him strength. Brady doesn’t know how to wake up each day without his son’s embrace.

Brady and Eve arrive at the courtroom. Both Brady and Theresa start sniping at each other for bringing JJ and Eve. They start hurling insults until Justin and Ted arrive. Justin yells at them to stop. Judge Duncan, (played by Gwen McGee), strolls in and starts the session. Theresa takes the stand and tells Ted that she loves her son but was forced to go with El Fideo to Mexico or her beau and kid would be killed. Theresa talks about being humiliated and degraded as his prisoner. She survived because she dreamed of seeing her child again. Justin talks about Theresa knowing associating with a drug lord. The judge asks why Theresa wants full custody instead of shared. Theresa worries Brady and Eve will poison her son’s mind against her. The judge is moved by Theresa’s situation but in order to stop Brady from seeing Tate, Theresa has to have sufficient grounds. So far, she has none. They adjourn.

Kate pops by the DiMera mansion and Stefan asks what business she has with Leo Stark. Kate calls him a skilled masseuse who came recommended by Vivian. Stefan is skeptical. Kate says soon, Leo will be out of Salem and nobody will care about his speculation. Stefan threatens to tattle but then thinks he can use her against Chad. Kate rolls her eyes.

Back at Martin House, Paul and Will have gotten naked and jumped back into bed when John calls. He has dirt on Leo.

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