kayla touches steve's cheek and gives him hope

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Kayla arrives at the DiMera mansion and slaps a folder against Stefan’s chest. Stefan finds photos of Kate with Leo inside. Kayla believes the sexual harassment lawsuit is a set up. Stefan recognizes Leo as the man he caught talkingStefan reaches toward kayla to his mother. She wouldn’t tell him who he was then. He praises Kayla’s PI skills and moves to call Steve with the good news. Kayla stops him. After what Stefan did to Abigail, Steve can never know Stefan’s a player in this. Stefan makes her sick, making Sonny suffer just to annihilate Kate. If Steve knew she knew, he’d never forgive her. Stefan points out they each have a vested interest in keeping the secret.

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In Kate’s room at Salem Inn, Leo wonders why she’s suddenly refusing to take down Titian. Chad’s like a son to her and she wants him to succeed. She picks up the sexual harassment settlement and orders Leo to sign. Leo doesn’t kate looks at paperscare how bad she wants to take down Stefan and refuses. He threatens to reveal her plan – or he could move ahead with it on his own. She warns he’ll never win Sonny over and doesn’t have a chance with Ted. Leo takes the papers and leaves. Later, Kate hears a knock. Someone slides a folder under the door. Kate thinks Leo caved and opens the folder. She sees the photos of her and Leo with a note from Stefan to meet. Kate tears up the photos.

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Back at the mansion, Stefan toasts to Vivian’s photo.

Chad finishes a call from the square, as Steve calls out to him from nearby bench. Over talk of Abby’s return, Steve admits Abby seemed as though she was crying earlier. Chad becomes concerned and Steve apologizes, maybe chad and steve talk in the squareAbby has a cold. They talk about his position at Titan, in which Chad relays, “No one wants to take down Stefan more than me.” Steve warns Chad to be careful then directs that he can find Abby at the pub. Chad thanks Steve and leaves. Later, Kayla joins Steve and says Stefan is selling his company – she has a contact there and can get him on a short list to receive the bionic eye. She insists Stefan’s not involved and gives a tearful Steve hope he will get his sight back. They toast and kiss.

In the park, Leo throws the papers down and texts Sonny to meet.

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At the pub, Abby confirms to Gabi that she’s pregnant. If the baby’s Stefan’s, how will she tell Chad? Gabi replies, “Maybe you shouldn’t.” Abby can’t lie to Chad and has no choice but to wait to have a paternity test. Abby knows ‘Gabby’ made choices. She apologizes again for what Gabi went through. Chad appears and callsabby tells gabi she's pregnant them out on the seriousness between them. He relays Steve thought Abby had been crying and asks, “Is it Ben?” The women are stunned to hear Ben’s been released but learn Chad dropped him off outside the city limits. He presses to know what they were talking about. As Abby’s about to tell Chad the truth, Gabi interrupts with news she’s going to work for Stefan. Chad rants and walks off when a call comes in. Abby thanks Gabi and knows it’s best to get a paternity test. “It’ll be our secret,” Gabi replies. When Chad and Abby leave, Gabi stares at a photo of her and Arianna.

At SPD, Hope tells Rafe she thinks Ciara’s with Ben. The boot print found come from shoes worn at Shady Hills and Chad dropped Ben off on Route 17. “The crash site,” Rafe says then calls Ben’s doctor and confirms he wasrafe comforts hope in an embrace wearing those boots. He hopes Ben keeps in touch with his doctor, as directed, and needs to continue taking his meds. Rafe plans to call the local pharmacies and puts in a call to Statesville in case Ben calls Clyde. Hope can’t fathom why Ciara would stay with Ben. Rafe recalls Marlena accessed Ben, he’s better. Regardless, Hope puts out an APB on Ben.

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In the cabin, Ben brings Ciara water to freshen up and agrees to wash her shirt. He hands her one of his and turns his head as she removes her shirt. He leaves the room and comes back when Ciara calls out, exasperated that she couldn’t reach her feet. She accepts Ben’s help, as he gently cleans her foot. Ciara smiles and calls ben tends to ciara's broken leg at cabinit bizarre that she’s getting a sponge bath from… “The Necktie Killer?” Ben replies. Her mother would have a fit if she saw them now. Ciara giggles and admits she’s ticklish. When Ben touches her foot again, as a reflex, she kicks him in the nose then apologizes profusely. She feels safe and thinks she can trust him. Ciara sets the knife aside. Later, Ben realizes he’s short on meds and hides them worriedly. They share dinner and laughs over music with the lyrics, “I swear, there is something in the air…”

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