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As Ciara caresses the knife Ben gave her, he chops carrots. They’re his favorite, though he used to drown them in ketchup as a kid. He asks if she has second thoughts about refusing to tell her mom where she is. Ciara decides to make a call.

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At the loft, Claire cries as she tells Tripp that Hope heard from Ciara and she’s okay, but she’s not coming home. tripp gets word ciara is okClaire goes over her horrid behavior and then mutters about how impossible Ciara can be…all the competing. Tripp calls her and Ciara great. Eventually, they’ll put the negativity behind them. Just then, Ciara calls. Claire rushes to once again tell her that she and Tripp didn’t have sex. Ciara didn’t call about that. She called to get her to take a message to Brady and Eve because she doesn’t want the modelling contract anymore. She never did. Claire can have it. Tripp grabs the phone and squawks about how he never would have jumped into Claire’s bed if Ciara hadn’t have dumped him. Ciara can’t believe he’s blaming her. He insists he’s not and shoves his foot further into his mouth. Ben’s eyes widen as he hears her bring up the rape. Tripp begs for another chance and she shoots him down and disconnects. As she cries, Ben says he now understands her. She doesn’t trust anyone and now she’s there with a serial killer. He vows never to hurt her. He’s sorry it happened. She opens up about it and Ben calls Chase “a special kind of sick.” He’d kill a man who tried to lay a hand on Jordan. He realizes how that sounds and says he wouldn’t really kill. They talk about the rape. Ciara calls herself ‘damaged goods’ but Ben doesn’t see her that way. Ciara relaxes enough to put her knife down.

At SPD, Hope yells at Rafe. “What idiot at the Washington County Sheriff’s department is calling off the search for Ciara?” hope thinks she knows who ciara is withRafe says, “That would be me.” Hope demands to know why. Rafe reminds her that Ciara contacted them. It’s protocol to do so when the missing person makes contact. Hope cries. Rafe knows this is difficult. “No, you don’t know cause you don’t have a …” she stops herself before she says ‘child’. She apologizes. They decide to keep looking for Ciara and later, Hope learns the footprint comes from a certain pair of shoes that were purchased by Shady Hills, where Ben was locked up. Hope is beside herself.

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Chad arrives at the DiMera mansion to put Stefan on notice. Abby’s back and he wants his brother to stay away. The men do some posturing and then Chad mumbles something about plans to take everything back that Stefan stole. chad puts stefan on notice“Is Abigail okay with you going full DiMera?” Chad skirts the question and goes on to say that Abby’s been integrated and remembers all the terrible things his bro did. Stefan smirks. That means Gabigail is part of Abigail. How does it make Chad feel that a part of his wife loves and wants him? Chad threatens violence. A call from Hope comes in and Chad confirms the location he dropped off Ben on the outskirts of town. They disconnect and Hope worries Ben is hurting her baby.

Gabi runs into Abigail outside the Brady’s pub. With her jaw set, Gabi says she just got out of prison. Abby heard. She’s sorry, knowing how painful it’s been to be away from Arianna. Talk turns to Abby framing her for murder. Abby wishes she could make this better. Gabi thinks she put her in prison for revenge. Abby denies that, calling Gabi her best friend. Gabi shares that her daughter hates her now. Abby is sorry and gives her some platitudes. Gabi can’t believe Abby’s therapy took less time than it took her to get out of prison. Abby suggests Chad help her get a job but Gabi’s going back to DiMera. Abby wishes she wouldn’t work with Stefan but Gabi flashes to thoughts of revenge but says Gabi Chic is all she has left. Abigail becomes distant and when she won’t talk, Gabi grabs the pharmacy bag from her and opens it to find the pregnancy test. Gabi’s stunned to hear Abigail may be pregnant with Stefan’s baby. Abs admits in the space of two months, she had sex once with her husband and his brother. They head into the pub and Abby takes the test. She tells Gabi, “It’s positive. I’m pregnant.”

Back at the loft, Tripp calls Brady with the news that Ciara has backed out of her contract.

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