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In his room at Martin House, Will prepares to inject himself with Dr. Rolf’s anti-amnesia serum when Paul arrives. Will confesses that hugging Sonny sparked a memory of his past. He was afraid to hurt Paul’s feelings by admitting he felt attracted to Sonny and is sorry. Paul wants him to remember everything about his life, including Sonny. But he hopes that Will chooses him. Will admits to stealing the serum and wants to inject himself again. Paul yells at how crazy that is. He could die. Will says either stay and watch or leave. Paul decides to inject Will himself.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny yells at his father for offering a settlement to Leo. The offer has made him look guilty. Justin apologizes. It backfired anyway. Sonny doesn’t want to be responsible for ruining Titan. Justin thinks stock will rebound as soon as Victor hires a new CEO. Sonny informs his dad that Chad DiMera’s the new CEO. Justin is surprised. “Are you okay with your best friend taking your job?” Sonny calls Chad honest, decent and fair. He’ll resign as soon as Sonny’s exonerated. When Justin takes a call, Sonny privately calls Leo to meet.

Kate opens the door to her Salem Inn suite to Ted. She’s glad that he’s there.kate reads some document in Salem Inn hotel room He thinks it’s for sex so she smacks him across the face and tells him the lawsuit is over because Chad took the CEO position at Titan. Ted assumes there’s another reason behind her decision. He sees her playing second fiddle to her brother-in-law and wonders how long it’ll last.

In Brady’s pub, Steve tells Kayla that soon, he’ll be able to read braille like a pro. When she doesn’t react as he expects her to, he assumes something is up.

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From the DiMera mansion, Stefan calls Mr. Chin to tell him that he hired Gabi Hernandez back with a 25% raise. Then he thinks about Gabigail.

In her bedroom at Jenn’s, Abigail realizes she’s pregnant and wonders if it’s Stefan’s. Chad appears and asks if she’s okay. She lies that she just missed him. He says she can talk to him about anything. Even Stefan, then starts to blubber all over her dress when he just can’t finish the thought.

Back at the pub, Kayla doesn’t answer Steve’s questioning when Stefan calls and requests a meeting. She lies as to where she’s off to and leaves.

Steve leaves the pub and Abigail, holding a pregnancy test box, calls his name. They embrace and she apologizes for her behavior during the last few times they met. She was in “Gabby mode.” Steve says it’s fine. He tells her, “That piece of trash owns the technology to give me a bionic eye.” Abigail is happy to hear but Steve won’t ask him for it. Abigail’s more important than that technology. Abigail argues with him on the point but it gets her nowhere.

Justin meets Chad at the square and they discuss Chad’s new position at Titan. Chad shares he’ll use it also to bring Stefan down. As Chad signs Titan documents, Justin notices that he’s wearing Stefano’s ring. Chad says Kate gave it to him. Justin is concerned since Stefano was a tyrant but Chad calls himself his own man. Justin advises Chad not to screw this up.

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Kayla arrives at Stefan’s and he badgers her to tell him more about Kate’s mystery man. She shares his name – Ted Laurent who is representing Leo Stark in the sexual harassment case against Sonny Kiriakis. She fills him in on Leo turning down the settlement which has made Justin think someone is backing Leo. “Kate DiMera?” Stefan asks. He needs proof. Kayla’s exasperated and thinks he could hire his own PI but Stefan likes using “squeaky clean you.” Kayla hates this but vows to get the proof.

Sonny meets Leo in the park. Sonny says if Leo drops the lawsuit and admits it’s bogus, they can be together. Leo needed a job more than a boyfriend. Sonny tries to make them being together sound sweet, and flirts with him. Leo moves in close and takes out Sonny’s cell phone. He notes that Sonny’s been recording their conversation. He can’t wait to live large from the lawsuit. He goes.

Kayla follows Leo from the square to Kate’s room and takes photos of her letting Leo in.

As Chad walks into the DiMera house, he hears Stefan calling him a clever SOB while reading about his new job as CEO of Titan.

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