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At Salem Inn, Eve and Brady reel when they hear that Theresa is suing Brady for full custody of Tate. They rush to confront Theresa.

At JJ’s place, JJ cautions Theresa that taking Tate from Brady is “harsh.” Theresa knows but says Brady threatened her with the same thing. She thinks it’s the best thing for Tate though JJ thinks it’s solely about revenge. Theresa starts to cry and insists she’s protecting her rights. Talk turns to Lani losing her baby. Theresa hastens him to see Lani but he’ll wait. Theresa feels for Lani. Brady and Eve show up, enraged by Theresa’s lawsuit. JJ lets them in and Brady asks if she’s out of her mind. They have a yelling match and Brady’s unable to persuade her to change her mind. JJ moves to back Theresa and reminds them both of the sacrifice she made for him and Tate. If Brady had treated her with respect, maybe Theresa wouldn’t have resorted to this.

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At the hospital, Abe and Val discuss Lani and Eli losing their baby. Val says one day, Lani will have children. They vow to be strong for their children, then kiss. In Lani’s room, Lani sobs as she demands to see her son. She needs to hold him once. Eli begs her to wait until she feels stronger but in the end, convinces him to get their son. He goes to explain this to their parents and Val says that’s natural to want to say goodbye. She goes to get the baby while Eli and Abe go to Lani’s side. Val appears with the baby. Eli holds him and almost crumbles, then Lani holds him and coos and tells him how much she loves him. They agree they’d have named him David Abraham Grant. Father Louis drops by to deliver the last rites for David.

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Gabi saunters into DiMera mansion. Stefan’s coy with her and taunts her about leaving “the big house.” Gabi blames him for her coming close to being murdered in prison. Stefan acts innocent and Gabi reminds him he’s the one who framed her for Andre’s murder by planting evidence in her kid’s bag. Gabi pledges to return the favor and send him to prison. She has an appointment with the DA. Stefan smirks, knowing it’ll be unproductive since Gabs has no proof. He makes light of her time in prison, reminding her that it’s not her first stint in the pen. Gabi rants that because of him, she was beaten and her kid now hates her. She throws a glass at him and it smashes on the fireplace. She snipes at him in Spanish and he replies to her. She rolls her eyes. Stefan claims he feels for her and is sorry. He wishes he can make it up to her. She wants her company back. He can’t do that but offers to hire her back to run Gabi Chic. He doesn’t think the company will be nearly as profitable without her. Gabi sneers at him benefiting from his own offer but takes it with a 25% raise. Stefan goes and Gabi tells Stefano that his son’s a fool, providing her ample opportunity to ruin him.

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Chad’s in his room at Jennifer’s house when Abigail enters, back from her trip to Chicago with Laura for integration therapy. Chad’s thrilled to see her. He begins to stammer as they talk about Thomas and how much alike his facial expressions are to Chad’s, then they make out until Chad flashes to seeing her in bed with his brother and pulls away. Abigail guesses that’s where his thoughts were though he tries to lie. Abigail hopes he can forgive her for her alter, Gabby, having sex with his brother. She notes that the last time they made love after she was with Stefan, Chad was distant. She tells him she’s now integrated with her alters and knows everything they did. Chad professes his love and kisses Abs. She notices he’s wearing his father’s phoenix ring. He tells her Kate gave it to him. Abs thinks he should treasure it. She wants to start over. Chad lets her know that he’s CEO of Titan, eliciting a noncommittal nod from her. He admits he feels bad for Sonny losing his job. Abby asks about Gabi and Chad fills her in on the attack and that Gabi’s out today. Abigail feels responsible. Chad leaves the room and Abigail suddenly realizes she hasn’t had a period in some time. “Oh my God. Could I be pregnant?”

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