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From the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny tells someone on a call that they’ve appointed a new CEO for Titan but refuses to comment more. Maggie approaches and Sonny fills her in on Chad taking over as CEO. Maggie calls Chad a good businessman but he’s a DiMera. Both are thrilled when Gabi wanders in. There are hugs all around. Gabi lets them know that Diane’s arch enemy Wanda killed Diane. Wanda had been bragging about it and word got out. Maggie leaves and Gabi snipes about hating Stefan for framing her for murder. She also has it in for Abigail for helping him. Sonny argues that Abigail’s mentally ill and Stefan took advantage of her. Just then, Maggie walks in with Arianna. When Ari sees her mama, she pouts and informs her mother she hates her. Gabi looks devastated. Sonny admonishes his daughter and Gabi tries to get her kid to understand how she has missed her. She vows never to leave again. Ari doesn’t believe her and runs off.

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In her room at Salem Inn, Kate doesn’t want Chad to take the CEO position at Titan. chad's mad cause Kate liedShe finds it disloyal. Chad states that it’s a way to bring Stefan to his knees. While he’s at it, he’ll destroy that liar, Leo and whoever he’s working with. Kate huffs and then reveals that Leo is working for her. She orchestrated the sexual harassment case! “Are you kidding me? What the hell is wrong with you?” Chad hollers. Kate wants him to calm down. She confesses Vivian started things and that’s what they were arguing about when she died. Kate picked up the plan afterward. Chad doesn’t want to be a part of this. He wants to tell Sonny. Kate says this isn’t about Sonny. It’s about taking everything back from Stefan that he stole. She tries to get Chad to see the big picture but he doesn’t like the cost of betraying his best friend. Kate gets out Stefano’s ring and says Chad that his father would do it. “Never forget, you are your father’s son. This is your birthright. You’re the new phoenix.” Kate promises her step-son she’ll make the lawsuit disappear as long as he focuses on taking Stefan down. He reaches for the ring and then ignores a call from Sonny and puts the ring on his pinky finger. Kate grins and Chad nods, looking serious.

Brady and Eve wander into the DiMera mansion and overhear Stefan gunning to bury Kate. They question him and he muses that she murdered his mother and got away with it. Brady thought it was an accident. They hope he gets justice but want to move on to finalizing their deal. Stefan hands over the paperwork which they call a joke. Eve doesn’t want to sell Basic Black to DiMera. Stefan gives them time alone to digest it. Brady wants to compete directly with Titan but both of them call Stefan a snake. Stefan returns and they turn the deal down. They go and Stefan tells his father’s portrait he’s taking over where he left off but thinks Chad’s coming after him with everything he’s got. Gabi walks in, “It’s not going to work,” she informs him.

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From JJ’s apartment, Theresa ends a call with someone by saying, “Brady won’t know what hit him.” JJ comes out clad in a towel and grumpy. She thinks it’s her fault for taking advantage of him but he admits that Lani lost her baby. He feels guilty. Theresa comforts him.

At the hospital, Eli mourns the loss of his baby and thanks his mother for all she did. lani wants to see her babyVal wishes she could do more. Close to tears, he cries that Lani doesn’t even know their baby is gone. Eli’s feeling his many losses. Lani wakes up in her room with Abe at her side. He’s grateful she opened “those beautiful eyes.” She asks why he looks so grim. “Where’s the baby?” Lani asks, starting to choke up. Abe tries to calm her, then says he’ll be right back. He goes to Eli and Lani and updates them that Lani’s awake. Eli goes to Lani and gently says their baby was a boy but that they lost him. Lani sobs and screams, “No! Eli! No!” She wants to see him.

Back at Salem Inn, Brady and Eve receive custody papers from Theresa.

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