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At Salem Inn, Kate’s door is open and the maid’s cart is outside. Kayla slips in while on a call with Stefan and complains that she hates snooping. Stefan suggests she find some dirt if she wants her husband to see again. He disconnects and Kate walks in on Kayla rifling through her drawers. Kayla covers that she was looking for a pen for Kate to sign the papers for the board. Kate looks at Kay suspiciously but signs the papers then asks if Kayla spoke to Stefan about the bionic eye for Patch. Kayla lies that she hasn’t because Steve doesn’t want her to. Kate calls men “proud” creatures and uncomfortable, Kayla takes off.steve yells at stefan for raping abby

Steve bumps into Stefan at the park and recognizes his voice. He haranges the DiMera for his treatment of Abigail until Stefan asks if that’s any way to treat the man who is going to get his sight back. Steve would rather be blind than be indebted to him. Stefan asks, “Does your wife know that?” Steve speaks for his wife when he shoves Stefan and calls him scum. steve and kayla talk bionic eyeKayla has witnessed the scene from nearby. Stefan smirks and goes, leaving Kayla looking guilty. When Stefan texts Kayla to hurry it up and get him what he wants, Kayla lies that Seth Burns is texting her. They kiss.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Chad offers himself as interim CEO to Sonny. Victor waltzes in and says, “Over my dead body.” Sonny thinks Chad’s being generous. Chad comments that stock has fallen 50%. Victor says it’ll all stop when “that little weasel accepts the settlement offer.” This is the first Sonny has heard of this and is incensed. An offer will look like an admission of guilt. They need to rescind it.

From SPD, Hope takes a call from Ciara who assures her mother she’s fine, but refuses to reveal her location or allow her mom to come pick her up. ben is shirtless on daysHope panics and Rafe urges her to stay calm. Ciara tells her mom that she wrecked everything and needs time away. Rafe gets on the phone and Ciara says she doesn’t want them to worry. He hears Ben walk in and asks if she’s with someone. She admits that ‘he’ saved her life and hasn’t hurt her. They disconnect and Ciara watches Ben take off his shirt. He apologizes. He thought she was asleep. He dons a new shirt. He tells her he was trying to clean up some of the mess from the fire but couldn’t do it. She gets trying to clean up a mess she can’t. She moves to caress his cheek and he moves away. When she falls asleep, he watches her and says nobody will hurt her there. She’s safe.

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At Doug’s Place, Ted, Leo’s lawyer, looks over the settlement offer Justin has provided and doubts Leo will take it. ted tells justin leo refuses settlementHe texts Leo the offer. Frustrated, Justin asks, “Who has an axe to grind against my family – Vivian?” Ted reminds Justin she’s dead and then gets a reply from Leo.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor receives a text that Leo refused the settlement. They continue to talk about the CEO position and Chad pleads his case. He wants to take Stefan down and if Titan benefits, great. Victor agrees to it.

Back at Kate’s, she’s aggravated to find Ted at her door. ted kisses kate and gets slapped for itHe tells her Justin suspects Leo has a benefactor in Vivian. Kate rolls her eyes. As they talk, Ted moves in for a kiss. Kate slaps him. She finds it ironic that they’re in the midst of a sexual harassment case and he forced himself on her. She has no interest in him. He claims to find her exciting. Once she gets control of Titan, she’ll never have to fear any man again. He agrees to keep things professional for now.

Justin greets Steve and Kayla and tells them that he and Sonny are still fighting Leo and his sleazy lawyer. Just then, Ted appears and smiles. “See you in court,” he says. Kayla recognizes Ted as being the man at Kate’s hotel room that she was hiding. Justin tells them that he thinks someone’s pulling Ted and Leo’s strings. Kayla looks as though she realizes it’s Kate. He goes and Kay toddles off to call Stefan with the update.

Justin arrives at SPD. Rafe tells him they heard from Ciara who is fine though refusing to tell her whereabouts. Justin imagines Hope is unhappy at that. He heard from the warden…

Chad arrives at Kate’s room to tell her big news – he’s the new CEO of Titan.

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