sonny and chad commiserate over life's challenges

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At Martin House, Paul reads Will’s article about Sonny and is impressed. Will flashes to his memory of Sonny then says he has to be objective but he hopes the interview will pressure Leo to drop the sexual harassment lawsuit. Paul relays that he and his dad are investigating Leo as well. Will feels lucky to have Paul in his life. They smooch.

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Chad visits Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion. He rubs Sonny’s shoulders as Sonny moans about Leo screwing him over. sonny and chad commiserate over life challengesChad thought Sonny could use a friend. Chad fills him in on how he drove Ben to the edge of town and bitches that if he was more like his father, maybe his wife would be there with him and that crap with Stefan wouldn’t have happened. Everyone he loves has been affected and it pisses him off. He won’t let that SOB get away with it and wonders what his father would be willing to do. Sonny hates Stefan too because of what he did to Gabi. They talk about who could act as interim CEO at Titan and Sonny says nobody in the family will. Chad suggests himself.

Ben returns to the cabin with food and supplies while Ciara sleeps. He covers her with a blanket and she wakes up and brandishes her knife at him. She asks who he is and then realizes it’s Ben. She relaxes. Ben had to walk 10 miles to find an open store. He bought her pain medicine and a charger for her phone in case she wants to call family. Ben makes her some pancakes which Ciara finds delicious. Ben taught himself to cook when he was six. He used to help his mom. Ciara tells him about Alice’s doughnuts and that Jenn’s the best cook out of all of them but her mom can’t cook. Ben says her mom must be distressed about her disappearance. Ciara wonders why Ben would care. Her mom’s the one who sent him to a mental hospital. Ben admits he might have wanted to see her squirm at one time but not anymore. Ciara asks if he expects her to believe he has changed. He could be playing her. Ben recalls his father manipulating him, remembering when their cat was run over by a car and Clyde laughed at them. Ben wanted power for himself but is sorry now for everything. Ciara looks on, clearly moved by his story.

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Marlena and John visit Claire at the loft. She tells them how guilty she feels about Ciara going missing. John hugs her and tells her to hang in there. He loves her. He has to go so Marlena tries to calm Claire’s nerves. Claire talks about Theo dumping her and how she went after Tripp and how Ciara accused her of wanting revenge. “Did you?” Marlena asks. Claire thinks maybe subconsciously. Marlena thinks they need to focus on ending the damaging competition between them. Claire worries she won’t get that chance. hope yells at tripp

From the interrogation room at SPD, Hope yells at someone on a call about her daughter’s motorcycle accident. She stares at the footprint left at the scene. Tripp appears, looking for news and is updated. Outside, Rafe updates Doug with news about Ciara’s accident and hears about Lani losing her baby. Back in the interrogation room, Hope lashes out at Tripp for being the catalyst for Ciara’s accident. Rafe hears and walks in. Blaming Tripp isn’t going to help. Hope apologizes. She shows Tripp the footprints found in the dirt near her motorcycle. They’re not sure if someone found her. Tripp looks concerned. Later, once alone, Hope breaks down sobbing in Rafe’s arms. Rafe tells Hope about Lani’s emergency c-section and that the baby didn’t survive. Hope’s horrified, recalling Zack’s death. Finally, Ciara calls…

will lies about not remembering anything

Marlena stops by Will’s room at Martin House. She asks if he had any memories yet. Will says no. Paul goes off to meet his father at the pub and Will admits he may have recalled something about Sonny. He shares the details of how fuzzy the memory was. Will’s frustrated to hear that the board will destroy the rest of the serum. Marlena thinks the serum may already be working. He should be patient. She goes and he calls Kayla’s office and learns she’s not at work.

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At the pub, Paul thanks his father for helping him. John thinks it’s cool how he and Will are being so supportive of Sonny. John asks how Will’s doing. Paul says he still has no memories and he’s relieved.

Paul arrives home but Will has left.

Will sneaks into Kayla’s office at the hospital and steals Rolf’s serum.

Tripp returns home and gets Claire. They head to the crash site.

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