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At the Brady’s Pub, Chloe, Lucas, Jennifer and Eric celebrate Chloe being rescued from Mexico. She looks a little glum when telling the group that Parker is staying with Nancy and Craig for the summer.

Valerie and Abe arrive at Doug’s Place. Val asks if she can hold a baby shower for Lani there. Julie is booked solid the next few weeks but Val doesn’t mind. They’ve a few months to decide on a date. Julie can’t wait to help plan it. Abe says their families doing this together means a lot to him. He remembers how they reached out to him when Theo was in the hospital last year and that he treated them poorly. He apologizes. Doug understands. Abe’s only human and feared for his son’s life.

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At the hospital, Kayla tells Lani that they need to do an emergency c-section now. Lani cries as she refuses to sign the consent. Eli begs her to sign. JJ tells Lani she’s the strongest, bravest person he knows but she’s not superwoman. They need her there. “So does our baby,” Eli agrees. Lani signs the forms and JJ calls Abe, who will be right over.

Abe and Val rush into the hospital as Lani’s being wheeled into surgery. She tells her father she’s afraid and he tries to ease her concerns. Lani admits they don’t even have a crib yet, nor have they figured out how to make this whole thing work together. Abe smiles. They’ll wing it. Val agrees with Kayla’s assessment that the baby’s chances at survival are 90% and goes off to scrub in and be there for the surgery so Eli will feel better. Later, in the operating room, Lani’s given an epidural while JJ leaves.

JJ arrives at the pub to pick up food. He tells Jenn, Eric, Lucas and Chloe what’s going on and everyone follows him back to the hospital.

Julie rushes into the hospital. She tells Eli she wouldn’t miss being there for his baby for anything in the world. eric and kayla talk at dougs placeThey embrace. In the OR, Lani feels funny. Her blood pressure is dropping. She fantasizes that she’s walking down a hospital corridor as Kayla is heard distantly saying, “Stay with us Lani.” Lani dreams that she’s pregnant with JJ’s child, not Eli’s, and that she’s strolling happily around the square with JJ, feeling the baby kick. Jenn and Eric walk up with a toy train for the baby, and congratulate the happy couple on their engagement. Lani’s blood pressure starts to get stronger as she squeezes Kayla’s hand when prompted. Meanwhile, Doug turns up in the waiting room, and Eli tells him and Julie that he and Lani haven’t had any discussions about custody or anything. “I’m sure she still wishes JJ was the baby’s father.” Eli’s overcome when Jenn, Abe, Lucas, JJ, Chloe and Eric appear with food and drinks. Jenn tells Eli that they’re his family and they want to be there with him. All Eli wants is space. He’s frightened and doesn’t like feeling that way “in front of a crowd.” Lucas and Jenn get it, but they convince him that he needs them and he allows them to stay.

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Meanwhile, back in the OR, Lani dreams she’s at her baby shower and they’re all playing a ‘baby’ game and laughing heartily until Eli shows up and tells Lani that Gabi found out about them having sex. He warns that Gabi might tell JJ. Just then, JJ walks over. Gabi called and told him Lani and Eli had sex. Lani admits it’s true. JJ’s furious but Lani says he’s the father and she’s sorry. She tells him it was Christmas Eve. JJ recalls it was when he was going to commit suicide. He knows they were broken up and he’ll put it behind them. lani birth fantasyLani smiles and her water breaks. Kayla and Val rush to take the baby from Lani when she begins to crash and bleed out. Meanwhile, in Lani’s dream, JJ helps Kayla with the birth. In the waiting room, Eli thanks JJ for all he has done for Lani today. “You did everything that I should have done,” he says. He wants JJ to be a part of the baby’s life and asks JJ to think about it. Abe worries to Eric that things are taking longer than he thought so Julie asks Eric to lead the family in a prayer. They all join hands and pray for Lani and the baby while in the OR Val does chest compressions on a quickly fading Lani…Later, Kayla approaches the family and explains it was touch and go but Lani pulled through. Eli asks after the baby and Kay looks upset. Val sits with Lani back in her room and Lani dreams her baby boy is alive and well, while Kay tells the family that the baby boy died but that Lani doesn’t know yet. Eli’s angry, while everyone else looks stunned.

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