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From her office at University Hospital, Kayla cringes as she reveals on a call to Stefan that Kate met with a man at her hotel suite and was trying to hide it.kayla can't treat will's amnesia Will wanders in. He overhears that Kate’s hiding something, but Kayla brushes it off to being about hospital board politics. Will asks Kayla to give him another dosage of Dr. Rolf’s magic anti-amnesia medicine, but Kayla says the hospital board found out about the drug being used without approval and won’t allow another injection since if something went wrong, they’d be liable.

Sonny stops by Martin House. Paul tells him Will’s memory hasn’t returned. Sonny wonders if Paul’s glad. He’s not. He won’t stand in the way of Will getting his memory back. He believes in what they have. Paul wants Sonny’s happiness too.will upset hospital refuses to treat him Sonny’s moved. He knows this may be weird to ask but will Paul do a background check on Leo? Paul agrees to it, knowing Sonny is innocent and needs his friends right now. Will strides in and fills the guys in on why the hospital is refusing to treat him again. Paul hugs Will and heads out and Sonny asks Will to interview him for The Spectator about the sexual harassment case. Will wonders if Justin would allow it since it could be used against him in court. Sonny has nothing to hide so Will agrees to it. They begin right away as Sonny tells his story. will has memory of sonnyWill’s sorry. He feels somewhat responsible for Sonny’s vulnerability. Sonny says this isn’t his fault and says he has a lot of support now. He smiles and says, “I’m good,” which makes Will flash to another time that Sonny said, “I’m good.” He appears confused but says nothing. Sonny hugs him and goes and then Will flashes to another memory offering to close the coffee shop for Sonny. “That was a memory!” Will exclaims.

At Brady’s Pub, Lani is cramping and won’t let JJ call Eli so he takes her to the hospital.

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At SPD, Eli says he has tracked Ciara’s cell phone to a spot just outside Salem. They rush off.

Ben is ready to find Ciara help but she stops him. Ciara’s tired of people thinking she’s a loser who can’t take care of herself. Ben asks why she’d say that. Ciara finally reveals, “I found my boyfriend hooking up with someone close to me.” She feels taken advantage of once again. Ben doesn’t think it’s her fault. Ciara just doesn’t want to hear the excuses and pity. Ben can identify. He tells Ciara about Abigail cheating on him with Chad. Ben says his doctor told him that he lost his grip on reality when he realized that Abigail didn’t love him. Ciara scoffs at that, wondering if he ever had a grip on reality. Ben shrugs. He advises her not to obsess over it. Ciara wants a fresh start. Ben does too. He never thought he’d be free again. He won’t stop her from leaving but he’s going to find food, and antibiotics. If the wound gets infected, he will call a doctor. Ciara yells not to but Ben says, “I saved your life. Now I’m responsible for you.” Ciara begs him not to call her family but asks him to hurry back.

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In the Horton square, John asks Marlena if they can scale back on the wedding guest list. She agrees to it but her mind is on Will.

On the side of the road near the cabin, Hope, Eli and Rafe find Ciara’s mangled motorbike. They call her name, worriedly, and Rafe calls the nearby hospitals and comes up empty as Eli wanders around searching.

JJ brings Lani into the hospital. Kayla appears and asks Nurse Marie to order some tests while JJ calls Eli.

Back at the side of the road, Eli takes a call from JJ about Lani’s hospitalization. Eli’s grateful for the call. He’s on his way. Meanwhile, Rafe finds a man’s footprint in oil. They realize someone found Ciara.

Back at the hospital, Lani cries when Kayla tells her she’s having contractions. They’ve given her medicine to try to slow down labor. Kayla leaves and JJ returns and reassures her that Eli is on his way. Lani tells him what’s happening and how frightened she is. JJ holds her hand and offers strength. Eli arrives and Kayla tells them they have to deliver the baby now. Eli and Lani argue that she’s only six months along.

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Paul finds John and Marlena at the square and lets them know about the hospital’s refusal to allow Will to have another injection.

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