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At JJ’s micro-loft, Brady tells Theresa that he loves Eve and there’s nothing she can do to change that. Theresa offers him the magazine back as long as he has sex with her once more. Brady’s aghast. “That’s not happening. Are you crazy?” jj shirtless with theresahe asks. She vows to walk out of his life forever if he does. They agree she’s acting desperate but she keeps at it, promising him the best sex of his life. She grabs him and kisses him. He’s into it…

In the square, Eve calls someone with a proposition. Can they meet?

In the loft, Claire texts Ciara’s friends, hoping one of them has heard from her while Tripp continues to fear the worst and runs off in search of Ciara. He returns and says they should make flyers. Claire tears up. She’ll never forgive herself if something has happened to Ciara.

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From the pub, Lani calls Eli and tells him that his mother wants to throw them a baby shower. She disconnects and JJ approaches. lani is in early laborHe asks if she and Eli are a couple now. Lani doesn’t respond and JJ updates that Theresa’s is house guest. Lani asks him to be careful. “How could Theresa hurt me any more than you did?” Lani wonders if he can ever forgive her. JJ isn’t sure because at every turn he’d have to see her with Eli and their kid. Lani cries. JJ says he’s still processing. Lani begins cramping and feels like she’s spotting. He takes her to the hospital.

At SPD, Eli has caught a break in their money laundering case but Hope doesn’t care. She wants him to drop everything and find her daughter. cops search for ciaraEli finds that ridiculous so Rafe tries to make him understand that if his kid was missing, he’d do the same thing. Hope eavesdrops as Rafe says he thinks of Ciara as his own. Eli realizes that protectiveness must really kick in when you have kids. He agrees to it. Hope approaches Rafe. She’s grateful for how he feels. Hope calls Claire, asking for help with the case. Does Claire have Ciara’s password for her cell phone? Claire tries but is unable to help. She feels worse than ever. They disconnect and Eli finally is able to learn Ciara’s phone’s location.

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At the cabin, Ben is sorry but he can’t go out and find Ciara help. It’s too risky. ben fixes ciara's legNobody would help him. His face is too recognizable. Ciara begs. Ben takes off his belt. He wants to set her leg but Ciara thinks he wants to strangle her. She has a fit and he says he’s only going to help her though he thinks she has every reason to be afraid. He takes out a knife and hands it over so she can feel protected. She takes it and he rips her pant leg. She bites down on a cloth while he sets her leg but screams in pain anyway. Ben calls her brave as he duct tapes her leg in place. He tells her a story about his dad breaking his mom’s arm one time and Jordan using a Tinker Toy set to set it. He asks where Ciara was off to on her bike last night and she flashes to seeing Claire naked with Tripp. Ben gives Ciara water and moves to go get her help. Ciara asks him to stay.

Eve drops by JJ’s and calls out Theresa’s name. brady pulls away from kiss theresaBrady breaks from the kiss and opens the door. He reveals what was going on. Eve calls Jeannie a slut and says they no longer need Bella. They’re partnering with Stefan DiMera and DiMera Industries and Ciara will be the face of Gabi Chic. “Isn’t Gabi the face of Gabi Chic?” Theresa asks snidely. Eve and Brady take off and Theresa declares war. She comes up with an idea.

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Back at the loft, Claire tells Tripp about how Chase became obsessed with Ciara before the rape and that she never sought revenge after the ordeal. They post flyers on the web and print more to post around.

In the square, Brady’s happy with Eve making a deal with DiMera. He kisses her, certain that Theresa’s out of their lives now.

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