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At the Salem Inn, Theresa tells Brady they’ll still have to work together since Victor gave her control of Bella. Eve arrives, is outraged, and accuses Theresa of having ulterior motives. Brady warns Theresa about trying to come between him and Eve. Theresa tears up over the idea of seeing them together and decides Eve can have Bella back. She adds Brady can be CEO of Titan…if he comes home with her. Brady thinks Victor’s behind this scheme and warns bribes won’t work. Theresa turns snarky and leaves. After, Eve worries; if she stepped aside Brady could have his dream. Brady tells Eve she fulfills him, he won’t trade that in for anything. They make love, then vow they won’t let Theresa destroy them.

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In his room, Will marvels to Paul that the hospital was able to make Rolf’s serum. Paul knows how much this means to him. Will admits he’s a little afraid of it changing him. He realizes it’s hard on Paul, but would like him there. Paul agrees.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander finds a recording device. Sonny appears. Xander announces he’s leaving town as he’s unappreciated by the family. Sonny stops him and asks, “What did you take?” Sonny finds cash in Xander’s bag, and they argue as Xander points out Sonny cost his daddy millions. Adrienne appears and orders Xander out. After, Sonny asks Adrienne why she didn’t tell him about Rolf’s serum. Adrienne sighs; she didn’t want to get his hopes up, and it’s a long-shot. Sonny updates that the serum is being made – he’s hopeful he’ll get back together with Will. He believes they still have a connection and wants to be a family again. Adrienne wants it for him too.

At the hospital, Kayla, on the phone, says she got the dirt as she has access to files from when Marlena treated Kate, but this mustn’t be traced to her, and Marlena can never know about it. Marlena enters and asks, “Can never know about what?” Kayla disconnects and lies that they’ve hit a dead end on Steve’s bionic eye because Stefan DiMera owns the company and refuses to give them access. She complains about Stefan’s cruelty. Marlena notes he wants to punish Kate. Kayla muses that Stefan and Kate can both be ruthless, and they debate whether Kate shot Vivian in self-defense. Marlena senses Kate’s case is important to Kayla, who downplays her interest, but wonders about skeletons in Kate’s closet. Paul and Will arrive for the serum. Will follows Marlena out, and Paul tells Kayla he’s been praying for Steve. Once alone, Kayla unsuccessfully tries to get Kate’s room number. Elsewhere, Marlena’s concerned about the risks of the serum and worries Sami will blame her if something goes wrong. Will informs her he’ll do this with or without her. Marlena decides she’ll proceed and injects Will with the serum. Will has a good feeling about it.

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In her room, Kate stares at a gun, then startles at a knock on the door – it’s Ted. Kate complains they could have discussed strategy by phone. Ted has no intention of losing this case and notes her cocky attitude is a turn-on. As they talk, he thinks her power-play with Titan is about avoiding personal issues – he knows she was widowed, and reveals he lost his wife of twenty years to cancer last year. Kate shares she’s a cancer survivor. They toast to supportive loved ones. As she shows Ted out, Kate reminds him they can’t be seen together. After he walks away, Kayla appears.

At the Brady Pub, Eric tells Roman that JJ gave Theresa a place to stay. He muses that she won’t give up until she gets what she wants. They discuss her returning to find Brady with her sister. Eric frets about his relationship with his brother. Roman notes they’ve both moved on and should put the stuff with Nicole behind them. Eric muses they haven’t been able to get past it…not completely. They agree Eric’s good with Jennifer; with Nicole it was a lot of drama. He characterizes Jennifer as safe and comfortable. Roman says if they’re happy, that’s all that matters.

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Outside the pub, Xander plays the recording device – Brady’s voice says, “Like covering up the fact that you killed Deimos.” He keeps listening, and realizes Brady knew what Nicole did and used it to chase her away from his brother. Eric appears, and Xander makes cryptic remarks about Nicole and why she left him. Eric insists he’s over her and tells Xander to leave town. Xander warns he may pop back for a surprise visit.

In the square, Xander encounters Theresa. He lets her know he’s ‘blowing this popsicle stand’ and invites her to come along. Theresa’s not giving up. Xander teases about possibly coming back as he has a score worth more than all the diamonds he’s smuggled.

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