eve and brady reunite

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Tripp is into the kiss Claire lays on him for a minute but eventually, he pulls away. claire and tripp almost have sexThey can’t do this! Claire shrugs. Why not? They’re both dumped. Claire starts ranting about Ciara and reminds Tripp he used to be interested in her. Eventually, she breaks him down and they make out and Tripp rips off his shirt as Claire’s clothes come off. They’re under the covers when Tripp jumps up, stating that he can’t do this.

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Ciara arrives at the hospital to see Marlena but since she’s left, Kayla asks how her romantic dinner with Tripp was. Ciara starts to cry and Kayla hugs her. They head to Kay’s office and Ciara opens up about flashing to being raped while kissing Tripp and then breaking up with him. Kayla asks if she would tell Tripp the truth but Ciara’s not ready to be with a guy anyway. In fact, she’s not sure she will ever be. Kayla thinks she will be for the right man. She ciara opens up about rapeconfesses she was raped too. Ciara’s so sorry. “God, men are pigs,” Ciara says. Kayla says some aren’t. Uncle Steve isn’t, her dad Bo wasn’t, Tripp, Joey…She tells Ciara not to feel shame because she did nothing wrong. Ciara thinks Tripp deserves to find someone else. Kay convinces her to talk to Tripp. She’s sure her son will be understanding. Ciara agrees to it, feeling positive about the future. She leaves.

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At the pub, Hope leaves a message for Marlena to let her know Ciara might contact her about the rape. She rambles and disconnects and JJ finds her flustered. He asks if she’s okay. She remembers he has “sharp powers of observation.” She misses working with him. She explains that Ben Weston’s going to be released and how Marlena made it happen. JJ’s incredulous and worried Ben will kill again and Abby won’t get better. Lani and Eli wander in for some of Caroline’s famous clam chowdah. It’s awkward when they see JJ. Hope greets them and lets them know about Ben’s possible release. Lani recalls helping JJ save Abigail at that cabin and JJ can barely look at her so she and Eli go. Hope can tell he still has feelings for Lani. Is he sure they can’t work it out? She was in a similar situation with Rafe and Sami but JJ says the baby changes everything. Sami wasn’t pregnant.

Xander is jogging through the square shirtless when he comes across Eve. He hopes she’s single so they can get together.xander tells eve to dump brady Eve scoffs at his invitation and tells him not to get cozy at the mansion because he won’t be there for long. She tells him that Theresa already threw him under the bus about El Fideo. Xander clarifies that El Fideo gave him Theresa and she wanted to save Chloe but Xander wasn’t going to worry about “some slag” he didn’t know. He advises Eve to turn her back on Brady.

Brady kicks Theresa out of the Kiriakis mansion. She sobs and tells him she’s taking his son. Brady won’t let her so she begins manipulating him, reminding him he grew up without a mother and neither of them wants that for Tate. Brady can’t get over her setting his brother and father up and leaving his ex-wife to fend for herself in Mexico. “Tate will be fine without you. He barely knows you.” Theresa professes her love and tries to kiss him. He rebuffs her. Theresa claims Brady would have left Chloe too but Brady insists he’d never do that. They argue the same points repeatedly and Brady reminds her that she’s been manipulating him for years, citing her threatening to take Tate if he stayed with Melanie Jonas. Theresa thinks Eve’s just an older version of her. She shoves Brady and sobs about all she did for him. Brady says she needs to accept that he’s moved on. Theresa thinks he strings women along and doubts Eve will come back to him. Brady says he not only wants Theresa out of his house but out of their lives but Theresa says he can’t get rid of her that fast. She leaves the room. Eve arrives and Brady asks for another chance. Eve’s all for it. They kiss and cry.

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Ciara walks in on Tripp and Claire naked on the sofa.

As JJ’s leaving the pub, he runs into Theresa.

In the square, Hope gets a call just as Eli and Lani walk up. She tells them Ben was released already and he’s heading to Salem!

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Ciara’s shocked to find Tripp in a compromising position with Claire.