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Ciara and Eve choose colors for a photo shoot in Eve’s room at the Salem Inn. When Tripp calls, Ciara ignores him.

At the square, Marlena makes a call, asking for a call back. Will approaches and Will lets her know that Rolf was working on a fix to undo memory loss. Marlena’s excited that Will could regain his memory, though Will’s not sure how to feel because of Paul.

Paul, John and Chloe arrive at Doug’s Place, where Lucas and Chloe embrace. Lucas thanks the men and Chloe apologizes for having to write that letter. She’d never make a major decision without consulting him. Lucas wants to talk about her ordeal. Are they putting El Fideo away? Chloe informs Lucas that she killed Mateo. She explains everything. He calls her a hero and a survivor. They discuss leaving for New York to see Parker, later.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander taunts Theresa about leaving poor Chloe behind and saving her own skin. shirtless xanderBrady walks in and Xander asks him for a thank-you for saving Theresa’s butt. Brady laughs but Theresa presses him. Brady mumbles an insincere thanks. Xander hopes Brady can convince Victor to hire him at Titan. Xander goes and Theresa vouches for Xander, then she makes out with Brady, who looks distant. She assumes it’s Eve and he doesn’t respond. Theresa doesn’t blame him for moving on. Brady admits it wasn’t a  fairytale relationship. He was nasty to her and broke her heart. Theresa doesn’t think her sister would have stepped aside unless she thought they belonged together. Theresa doesn’t think his love for Eve is the same as his love for the mother of his child. The only thing that kept her going was reuniting with him. She cries and he apologizes for what she suffered through. She asks for sex.

John and Paul arrive at the square. While Will kisses Paul hello, Marlena moans aloud and carries on until John finally kisses her. Marlena’s glad they’re both back. The guys take off and Doc fills John in on Ben Weston’s possible release. John’s astounded and laughs. “Did he just get sane overnight?” Marlena says apparently he had a break through and his doctors don’t think he’s a threat to society. John thinks he faked them out. Marlena assumes she can tell. He calls Ben a murderer. Marlena argues that technically he’s not because of temporarily insanity. John tells her that Theresa’s dead and Marlena contradicts him. Theresa’s in Salem. They discuss that until Marlena gets a page to go see Ben Weston.

Tripp arrives at the loft and Ciara attempts to take off. He stops her. He claims that they don’t have to discuss anything. ciara dumps trippThey can just dine together. She agrees to it. After dinner, they sit on the sofa and kiss, until Ciara flashes to being raped by Chase and pulls away. He questions if she doesn’t want sex. “Look, maybe I just don’t want sex with you,” she says, angrily. She claims she’ll be busy with Bella and if they don’t work out, it’ll ruin their living arrangement. Tripp says they can slow things down but she decides to dump him.

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Will and Paul arrive at the Martin House and discuss Sonny’s sexual harassment lawsuit. Paul’s not sure Sonny would appreciate it if they got involved in it so Will says he’ll call Sonny tomorrow. Will confides how worried he was about Paul, confronting a drug lord. Paul admits he and his dad were almost killed. “It’s not as if I woke up in a morgue,” Paul jokes. Will jokes back, “It’s not a competition, Paul.” Will relays news that he could regain his memory. Paul looks worried and says, “Maybe we shouldn’t go down this road at all.”

Chloe visits Eve at the Inn and lets her know about her kidnapping. Chloe says it was horrible but she has bad news. Theresa is dead. Eve is floored. Chloe explains that she was being held by El Fideo, who killed her. Eve counters that Theresa escaped. Eve informs Chloe that he lied. “Theresa is here. I just saw her a couple hours ago.” Eve tells the whole story about Xander making a deal to save her. In fact, Theresa never mentioned Chloe’s name once. Chloe is disgusted that “Theresa knew that psychopath could do whatever he wanted” to her. Angry, Chloe admits she killed Mateo. Eve’s shocked. Chloe tells Eve her sister left her there to die. Eve tries to calm her. They hug and Chloe calms and thanks her friend for listening. Eve asks for a favor.

Xander heads to Doug’s Place for a drink and learns it’s closed for Lucas and Chloe’s private party. Xander’s upset he now has no leverage over Theresa.

Before Brady can take Theresa to bed at the Kiriakis manse, Eve walks in with Chloe…

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