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In today’s Days of our Lives recap…

Will-roger-JJ Will and Paul return to their room at the Martin House only to find Roger waiting there. He asks if he is here about Susan and if she’s okay. Roger says she’s doing well, but she misses him. He came because he got Will’s message about Dr. Rolf and happened to find a diary in Susan’s belongings that may help. Will looks at it and realizes it’s Rolf’s diary. Will thanks him, and Roger leaves after giving Will a hug and telling him to be happy. Will and Paul lay on the bed and go through the diary. Every other page is blank, which they find odd, and on the pages there is writing he raves about his devotion to Stefano and what he did for him. They thumb through it and get to the part about Susan and Rolf finding Will in his apartment and thinking he was dead, but he wasn’t and details how they faked his death in order to revive him in the morgue. Rolf notes the formula had been vastly improved since the last time he used it, and they wonder who he also used it on. There is no sign of the formula for the drug he used, but he did vow to bring more people back to life.

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At the PCPD, Hope informs Rafe that the urn lid is missing and suspects Stefan. A call comes in indicating someone saw Stefan walking around with a wig. Rafe says he’ll look into it and leaves.

Chad-abigail-park-JJ In the park, Abigail asks Chad how she got here and if one of her alters took over. He tells her that they are gone now. Abby remembers killing Andre and she needs to do something to help Gabi. She insists they go to the station.

Vivian-Kate-gun-JJ At the DiMera mansion, Vivian and Kate wrestle over the gun. Stefan returns home and hears a gunshot from the foyer. He rushes into the living room where he finds Vivian on the floor having been shot and asks Kate what she’s done. Kate explains Vivian pulled the gun on her and it wasn’t her fault. He orders her to call an ambulance. The ambulance and paramedic (played by David Paul Randall) arrives along with Rafe, who demands Stefan hand over the wig because it is evidence. He also questions Kate, who explains Vivian pulled a gun on her during an argument, they fought over it and it went off.

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Back at the PCPD, Abigail arrives with Chad and makes a statement explaining she killed Andre. Chad defends his wife and says Andre threatened her and it was self-defense. Hope indicates her statement will go a long way to helping Gabi. Chad speaks with Hope in private and asks to take Abby home, but Hope feels it’s a bad idea because Stefan is still at the mansion and stole evidence. Abby sits in Hope’s office and remembers Gabby saying goodbye to Stefan and Chad holding her after she fainted. Chad returns and explains Hope is discussing her situation with Marlena. Abigail tells him things are coming back, and she remembers Stefan talking to Gabby. She asks what Gabby’s relationship with Stefan was, and begs him to tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Hope gets a call from Rafe to inform her that Vivian has been shot at the mansion by Kate. Hope pulls Chad away from Abby and tells him that Marlena agrees he can take Abby home, but this is far from over. She also informs him that Vivian was shot at the mansion. Chad returns to Abby and lets her know they are free to go home.

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Vivian-surgery-JJVivian is brought into the hospital, where Kayla performs surgery on her. In the waiting room Kate asks Stefan how Vivian is, but he doubts she cares. Kate warns him that Vivian admitted to everything she did, including working with Andre behind his back. Kayla comes out and tells Stefan that Vivian didn’t make it. Stefan goes into the OR to say goodbye to his mother. He says they didn’t have enough time together and was proud to be her son. He swears to avenge her and promises that Kate will pay. Kate walks in and overhears him. Later, someone slips in dressed as a physician (played by Shawn Smoker) and injects Vivian with a formula.

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Hope-rafe-DiMera-Mansion-JJBack at the DiMera mansion, Hope arrives and lets Rafe know that Abigail remembered what happened and has made an official statement. A thrilled Rafe hugs Hope. He is happy for Gabi but is sorry for what Abigail is going through. He asks how Abby is. Hope says she’s fragile, her future is uncertain, and she fears being sent back to the mental institution.

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