Eric closes the Brady’s Pub as Jennifer shows up to tell Eric that she was in Chicago, getting a quote for a great story and couldn’t call because her phone needs charging. jen and eric making out at pubHe charges it behind the bar and they lean in for a sweet kiss, then they talk about how things feel right for them. Jenn’s phone is charged and she notices she has a lot of messages from Hope.

At the hospital, Steve tells Kayla about his run-in with “Abigail” who was on a call and saying she didn’t want to lose the man she loves. Steve asked what was wrong and she said she had an argument with Chad about him not believing her. She wanted Chad to stop blaming Stefan for everything because what Chad did was worse. They assume she meant Chad beating Stefan half to death. Steve wishes he would have stopped her frCiara-Tripp-partnership-Days-XJJom running off. He’ll have to talk to the cops. Kayla calls Jennifer to relay the news about the APB out on Abigail.

At Mandalay, Tripp and Ciara makeup, though Ciara plans on exposing Claire for rigging the contest. Tripp worries that if the truth comes out, and Ciara’s named the new Face of Bella, she’ll change.

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Wyatt drops by the loft looking for Ciara. He was hoping she found his cell phone because he lost it. Claire declares that she’s not there and then her eyes widen as she realizes Ciara’s been texting her as Wyatt. Ciara makes one last text, calling Claire a bitch for lying and cheating. Claire shows the text to him. They realize they’re screwed.

lucas eve chloe brady selfie at dougs place daysOutside Doug’s Place, Miguel says he’s waiting for Lucas to feel the effects of the drug he gave him. He leaves and inside, Lucas and Brady take a few sips of their club soda, then Chloe takes a selfie of the foursome. Brady’s glad Chloe’s not leaving Salem. Eve and Brady go and Lucas starts to feel ill. Chloe goes to check on the reason and Lucas continues drinking his club soda. Chloe returns with water. Julie turned off the air conditioner. Chloe turned it back on so Lucas should be cooler, soon. They dance and talk about how happy they are together. Chloe’s happy to raise her child in the town she grew up with. She’ll never regret it. She even admits she thought she gave up on love but maybe she was wrong. Lucas plans on making it his life’s mission to prove her wrong. They kiss.

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Brady and Eve walk through the park. He tells her the jet is fueled up and he asks where she’d like to go. He promises she’ll have her own suite wherever they go. Eve laughs, incredulously. He says Maggie has agreed to care for Tate. He takes out a ring. He’ll keep it with him at all times with the hopes that she’ll one day want it back. She kisses him passionately, then asks to go to Paris.

Brady and Eve arrive at the square and run into Tripp and Ciara. Eve’s sorry Ciara lost but Ciara reports that she didn’t. The only reason Claire won is because she cheated, with the help of someone else. Eve turns on Brady, assuming he was involved but Brady promises he wasn’t. Eve can’t trust him. Brady begs her to believe him and then stumbles physically and over his words. Eve asks what’s wrong with him. Miguel turns up nearby to tell his boss that Chloe will soon see she gave up her career for a lush. Meanwhile, he overhears Eve yelling at Brady for being a drunk, when he says he hasn’t had anything to drink. Miguel takes off and then Eve does too.

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Ciara and Tripp arrive at the loft and Ciara gets in Claire’s face, confronting her about cheating on the contest. Wyatt apologizes and confides he did it because he thought he could get her back. Tripp asks, “Is that how you get a woman to like you? By making her feel like a loser?” Wyatt claims the idea was Claire’s. Tripp voices his opinion that Claire didn’t care that she hurt him, either, as long as she won. Ciara admits she already told Eve and Brady what happened, though she didn’t tell them who her helper was. Claire admits she was jealous of her and Tripp’s relationship. She apologizes and swears she’ll never do anything like it again. She runs to her room. Ciara admits she was trying to make Tripp jealous. He tells her it worked but Ciara doesn’t want to go down that road again. [Days was pre-empted at 1:54 for breaking news.]

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