Eli takes Lani home to her room at Martin House. He talks about her Placenta Previa and heads lani-bedrest-pregnant-days-jjdownstairs to make some food as she gazes into space. Later he returns with nachos but Lani calls it stakeout food and queasy, she runs to the bathroom to hurl.

At the square, after Tripp finds Wyatt’s cell phone, Tripp and Ciara are surprised to see that Claire has texted Wyatt. They break into his phone and send a text to Claire.

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Outside Doug’s Place, Eve hugs Claire, congratulating her on being the new Face of Bella. Eve tells her she’ll be defined by any foolish mistake she makes for the rest of her life, so urges her new model to be careful. Claire looks worried. Inside, Julie tells Chloe that she and Doug are happy to run the club while she’s away in Mexico. Chloe’s thankful but isn’t leaving. Julie’s glum. Eve heads inside, shocked to hear Chloe’s staying in Salem. Chloe was happy to be appreciated as an artist but confides that she was lonely. Eve tells Chloe about her date with Brady and Chloe knows that her friend is glad that Claire won so she could date Brady and save face. Eve reluctantly admits it’s true.brady and lucas happy dating women they love

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells Maggie he’s ready for his big date with Eve. He’s excited. In walks Lucas. The men are excited that Eve has agreed to a date with Brady, and Chloe’s decided to stay in Salem. They should have gotten corsages and wore their old powder blue prom suits. Maggie’s so happy and proud that the men have come so far. They leave for their respective dates and Victor appears. Maggie apprises him of Brady’s evening and he bitches. Maggie snaps maggie and victor touching momentthat at least Brady’s not with Theresa. She goes and Victor calls Shane to discuss Theresa. He’s glad she’s safe and calls what she did a big sacrifice. Maggie returns. They discuss Theresa again.

In the park, Miguel calls his boss and says Chloe won’t have a choice but to accept his offer tonight.

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At the loft, Claire gathers her stuffed animals for a faux press conference. She gets a text from Ciara posing as Wyatt, to tell her he was on a bike ride with Ciara. Claire texts back, “Looks like we both got what we wanted,” leaving Ciara and Tripp perplexed. Tripp responds as Wyatt. “I assume you’re talking about the contest.” Claire texts back that they both know she wouldn’t have won without him. Ciara yells, “Busted!” Ciara sends back, “Good thing I was able to fix the votes.” Claire sends back, “Yep, our little secret.” Ciara’s furious. Tripp asks her to let it go but she refuses, since Claire finds telling the truth so important.

Back at Martin House, Eli calls someone to bring food. Julie shows julie and eli bring lani groceriesup a few minutes later with grilled salmon for Lani, who perks up. Julie says she loves her great-grandchild already. Lani is grateful and invites Eli to dig in. Julie sees the flyer for high risk pregnancy and begins to worry. They reassure her and Julie offers to help if they need her. She offers to accompany her to medical appointments but Eli has it covered. Julie suggests they stream it live. Eli and Lani try to hide their laughter and send Grandma Julie on her way. Lani apologizes for her earlier behavior. Eli can tell she misses JJ and he vows to support her. Lani knows he misses Gabi, too. They talk about their baby and how afraid Lani is.

lucas dates chloe

Brady and Lucas arrive at Doug’s Place. Brady and Eve get a table and Brady thanks her for a second chance. He plans on showing her that they’re right for one another. At the bar, Lucas is thrilled Chloe is with him instead of in Mexico. Miguel arrives and tells Julie he’s a big fan of Chloe’s. He asks her to send champagne anonymously. Julie mentions the man she’s with being a recovering alcoholic. Miguel says to send over club soda, too. Nearby, Chloe and Lucas kiss and canoodle. Julie later returns with the club soda and Miguel spikes it when her back is turned. Julie takes it over to Lucas and Chloe, telling them it’s a celebratory drink. Chloe asks Julie for another round to share with Eve and Brady. They drink up and joke that it’s a great year for the club soda.

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Wyatt shows up at the loft looking for Ciara. Claire is startled to see him. He’s looking for his cell phone. Suddenly, Claire gets a text from Wyatt’s phone, calling her a “lying, cheating bitch.”

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Eve thinks Brady rigged the contest.

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