Chad bursts in on Stefan and “Abigail” gabby upset that stefan was beatenin Stefan’s bed, kissing. He asks if they had sex and Gabigail says she did and she has plans to do it again. Chad stammers and retches. He threatens Stefan’s life and tells “Abigail” to put her clothes on. Chad keeps calling her “Abby” and Gabby snaps. “That’s not my name. Stop calling me that.” Chad goes hoarse, yelling. He asks what her name is, then yells at Stefan to reverse the mind control.Marlena, vivian, kate argue about stefan Downstairs in the Secret Room, Kate and Marlena are shocked when Vivian blames Abigail for killing Andre. Kate thinks Vivian’s lying but Marlena thinks they need to consider that the trauma of killing Andre made her split. Back upstairs, Chad beats on Stefan until he’s bloody as Gabigail yells to stop, because she loves him. Stefan mutters for Gabigail to run.

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At SPD, Rafe and Hope cannot believe that the mystery woman from Hong Kong was Abigail, wearing a wig and impersonating Gabi. They ponder what thisRafe and hope get clue in gabi's case could mean for Gabi. Rafe thinks Abigail was the one they saw on the security tape at DiMera the night of Andre’s murder. Hope says there’s still not enough evidence to clear his sister.

Gabi’s trying to read a book at Statesville, some jerk named Cathy, and her posse surround her. Cathy grabs the book. Gabi remembers the woman as being an idiot. Another inmate, Diane, (played by Cassandra Creech), comes between them and they back off. A guard walks in as Diane offers Gabi protection. She heard Gabi killed Nick Fallon and got out of prison on a technicality. She also followed her newest case and thinks Gabi got a raw gabi-beaten-days-nbcdeal. She snorts that DA Trask screwed her over, too. Gabi insists she was framed. Diane says her boyfriend, Lou Raines, got involved in some business dealings and she helped. Gabi can’t believe Commissioner Raines, who tried to kill her and counterfeited money, is Diane’s beau. Diane yells that it’s unfair that she’s in for 10 years and he’s in for 25. The guard leaves and Diane pummels Gabi. The other inmates watch and hold her down until Gabi’s left bloody and unconscious.

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Will arrives at the Kiriakis mansion, looking for Adrienne. Sonny lets Will know his mom’s working late. Will has a gift for Ari. Sonny congratulates Will on the new job and learns that he’s going to interview Clyde Weston. Sonny thinks that’s too risky. Will admits Paul said the same thing, and then apologizes. Sonny says not to feel bad. Of course Paul would be worried about this. He’s his boyfriend. Will’s surprised by that. He doesn’t see him as a boyfriend. “Just someone I’m involved with.” Will admits he’s uncomfortable talking about Paul with Sonny, knowing that he and Sonny would be together if his psyche wasn’t messed with. They agree to move on. Sonny asks Will not to underestimate Clyde. WilSon and arianna at the kiriakis mansion“I want you to be safe, because I still care about you.” Will confesses he cares about him, too. Sonny no longer longs for Will, and has more empathy for all he’s gone through. Will admits he too feels bad that the man Sonny loved treats him like a stranger. Will’s proud that somebody like Sonny would want to share his life with him. “Same here,” Sonny says, grinning. They agree to be friends once the awkwardness settles. Arianna rushes down the stairs. She had a bad dream and wants Mommy.

From the park, Leo leaves a message for Vivian to get back to him as soon as she can.

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Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny give Ari the stuffed animal Will brought and when it doesn’t help, they’re forced to tell Ari that Mommy won’t be home soon – but not by choice. They send her back to bed. Leo shows up as Will’s leaving. Leo assumes Will told him about his dealings with Vivian. Sonny hasn’t heard anything so Leo spins it to tell Sonny that Vivian tried to hire him to work against Sonny.

Rafe and Hope arrive at Marlena’s office. Rafe listens to Chad’s message that the mystery woman from Hong Kong is in his brother’s room.

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Back at the mansion, Gabigail rafe pulls chad off stefanruns away as Stefan lies half-conscious in bed. Chad returns and beats on him some more. Rafe and Hope arrive and pull Chad off his now unconscious brother.

Gabigail runs to the park and calls the cops and EMS to head to the mansion.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Rafe and Hope are forced to make an arrest.

Claire confesses something.

Steve runs into a surprising person.

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