Chad finds Gabby in bed with Stefan
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At the DiMera mansion, Vivian tries to reason with her son not to leave Salem with Gabigail. Stefan says his love for Gabby has changed him. He apologizes before grabbing his mother and tossing her over his shoulder. He dumps her in the Secret Room with Marlena with whom Vivian’s shocked to see. Marlena explains what happened as Stefan locks them in. Upstairs, Kate bangs on Stefan’s door until Gabby answers. In her mind, Abigail is back in Marlena’s officeEpisode # 13324. She hears Kate asks why “Abigail” is dressed “like…this” and what she’s doing in Stefan’s room. Kate is close to tears as she realizes “Abigail” framed Gabi. When Kate uses Abigail’s name, Gabigail gets a headache. She pretends she’s Abigail and lies that Stefan brainwashed her. She begs for Kate’s help and when Kate agrees to, Gabby knocks her unconscious. Back in the Secret Room, Marlena’s furious to learn that Vivian already knew that Abigail had DID and did nothing to help her. Meanwhile, back upstairs, Stefan finds Kate unconscious with Gabby. Kate comes around and Stefan ties her up and takes her downstairsstefan kisses gabi. He throws her into the Secret Room. All are rocked to see the other. Kate’s baffled by what’s going on and Marlena and Vivian explain that Abigail has DID. Back in Abigail’s mind, she opens Marlena’s office drawer to find a photo of her family. She realizes this isn’t really Marlena’s office but she must get home. Back in Stefan’s room, he lets Gabby know he paid his pilot well to fly them to their private island in a few hours. Stefan assures that though his mother knows he has an island, she doesn’t know where it is. They kiss until Abigail comes out and shoves him away. He asks Gabby to come back to him, but she’s now in “Marlena’s office”gabby calls stefan and Abigail asks why he’s calling her Gabi. Gabby fights and wins over Abigail and then realizes they can’t leave Salem because Abigail will fight to get out again. She’s getting stronger. “We have to get rid of her,” she says. When Stefan asks how, she kisses him and they have sex. Back in the Secret Room, Kate informs Vivi and Marlena that she left a message for Chad to return home fast because the mystery woman is in Stefan’s bedroom. Marlena admits Stefan confessed to murdering Andre. Kate’s pissed that he used Abby to cover it up. Vivian says that’s untrue. Abigail killed Andre. Kate and Marlena are speechless.

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At the pub, John calls around looking for Marlena. Paul appears. He may have a lead in the Vivian Alamain case, but Kate’s suddenly not returning his texts or calls. John narrows his eyes and says she’s not the only one. Doc’s mrafe hope work caseissing too. Paul wonders if Abigail is lying about Marlena.

At SPD, Rafe tells hope they make a good team. Hope still wants Rafe to sign the annulment papers but he refuses. She hides a grin and then Shawn calls and lets them know the guard fell for his rouse. Shawn’s sending the security footage now. Rafe runs to get the laptop and they watch the video. There’s something about the woman that’s familiar. Though they can’t see her face, Rafe wonders if she’s really Abigail and that Stefan really did brainwash her. Hope begins to wonder if Abby was under Stefan’s control the night of Andre’s murder. They find a shot and realize they are right. It was Abigail!

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Chad visits Statesville. Gabi asks if his lying bitch wife has confessed yet. Chad asks her not to speak that way about his wife. Gabi wants to know why he’s protecting her. He claims there may be extenuating circumstances. Gabi thinks she’s crazy. Chad admits Abby’s in a session with Marlena because she gabi calls rafetoo worries something is up with her. Gabi apologizes for her outburst about Abby. Gabi explains how awful it is there, how she’s having nightmares and brings up how it smells. Chad promises they’re trying to get her out. He gets Kate’s message about the mystery woman being in Stefan’s room. He leaves Kate a message that he’s on the way, then tells Gabi, and she tries to reach Rafe.

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Chad returns home and calls for Kate, then runs to Stefan’s room. Gabigail and Stefan have finished having sex as Chad bursts in and takes in the spectacle. His mouth drops open.

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