In the main room at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady reminds Eve he won the bet so he gets a chance to win her back. She shuts him down. Brady knows he screwed up and begs for a chance to fix it. She doesn’t trust him and doesn’t Episode # 13323think she will ever be able to again. He can’t promise he won’t hurt her again, but he will be completely honest with her about everything. He will treat her with kindness and respect and put her needs above his every day. She won’t be the fool again. He vows to not put them at risk and asks for another chance. With tears in her eyes, Eve says, “Okay.” Brady gently thanks her. They engage in flirty banter and she tells him it’s just one date. One chance. Brady says it’s all he needs. In the foyer, Maggie asks Claire not to rub her win in Ciara’s face. Claire innocently insists she would never do that. They hug.

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Episode # 13323In the square, Ciara looks at the news about Claire winning the contest on her phone and throws it in anger. It hits Wyatt, who is sitting nearby. He gives her the phone and they rehash their past. He feels bad about what happened between them, but he did care about her. She tells him about the contest and he wonders how Claire came up from behind in the votes so quickly. She recaps it for him, blaming Tripp’s vote. Wyatt thinks Tripp is an ass and tells her he voted for her, adding that no one came close to her beauty, not even Claire. She can’t believe Wyatt had her back and Tripp didn’t. She wants to get out of there and takes him for a ride on her bike.

Episode # 13323Claire returns the loft to hear Tripp asking Theo over the phone if he helped Claire cheat. She grabs the phone and hangs up. She’s furious with Tripp, who knows how far she’ll go when she wants something. She eventually relents and admits it’s true. She asked Theo to help her. He calls her selfish. She insists she loves Ciara, but the contest was everything to her. She never tried to hurt Ciara until she declared war on her. Claire insists none of it is her fault. Tripp counters that she cheated. Claire says that while she asked Theo to help her – he wouldn’t. Tripp doesn’t believe her so she gives him the phone and tells him to call Theo and ask him. He does and Theo confirms he didn’t help Claire. After Tripp leaves, Claire smirks as she flashes back to Theo turning down her request and then running into Wyatt.

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Episode # 13322Leo confronts Paul in the park about following him. Paul insists he’s not, but when Leo threatens to tell Sonny, Paul asks what he was doing with Vivian. Leo pretends not to know who she is. When Paul presses him, Leo explains his job at Titan and how Vivian wants to bring down Sonny’s family. He insists his loyalty is to Sonny though and he told Vivian nothing. He leaves for work.

Episode # 13323Chloe meets with Miguel at her restaurant. After he insists he doesn’t know who Kate Roberts is, she tells him she can’t take the job because of Lucas. She admits that she would have accepted the offer if she and Lucas weren’t together. He tells her to call if she has second thoughts. Later, Miguel calls his boss to break the news about Chloe staying in Salem because of Lucas. He says to consider “him” eliminated.

Episode # 13323Vivian texts Leo at the pub when Lucas sits across from her at the bar. She gets in some digs about him not drinking as well as Kate and Chloe. Maggie enters just as Vivian tempts Lucas with a drink. The women get into it and then Maggie leads Lucas away. Lucas promises he wasn’t going to take a drink and then confides his issues with Chloe. He thinks it was stupid of him to tell Chloe to take the job. Maggie counters that it shows how caring he is and tells him she’s proud of him. Chloe texts Lucas.

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Lucas meets Chloe at the restaurant and they kiss when she tells him she’s staying in Salem.

Maggie returns home, interrupting Brady and Eve’s almost kiss. Eve leaves and Brady thanks Maggie for rooting for him. He promises not to blow it.

Vivian and Leo meet in another part of the park. Leo tells Vivian he thinks Paul is still suspicious.

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