In Will’s room at Martin House, Paul works on Vivian’s case. Will wakes up and Paul fills him in on finding Leo with Vivian. They’re both paul-will-make-love-again--days-nbcpuzzled by it. Paul will find out what’s going on but first, he has to do something important. He kisses Will. They make love and afterward they consider who Will can talk to about his new assignment. He’ll talk to Clyde Weston first. Paul is on edge. Clyde is a lunatic! Will says he’s helped him once already. Paul cautions him to be careful. He goes and Will reads his old article in Sonix about Clyde. He’s floored to realize Clyde’s a homophobic piece of work. He calls to arrange a meeting with Clyde.

Leo approaches Sonny in the square with a coffee and hands him over the quarterly earnings report. Sonny’s grateful. Leo flashes to Vivian urging him to bed Sonny again, and he fixes his tie, while oozing sex appeal. Sonny is affected. Paul watches from nearby and follows Leo after. Leo notices and approaches Paul.

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Kate’s surprised to see Chloe walk into the great room of the DiMera mansion and asks if Kate’s behind the job offer in Mexico. Kate insists she isn’t though thinks Chloe would be crazy to turn it down. Stefano always thought Chloe would be the next Renee Fleming. Chloe apologizes for thinking she was behind this. Kate shrugs. She still doesn’t want her with Lucas after she cheated on him with Daniel. Chloe assures Kate that she has changed since then. Chloe promises to give Lucas stability. “By flying away to Mexico?” Kate asks. Vivian walks up. Episode # 13322She eavesdrops as the women squabble. Chloe goes and Vivian mocks Kate.

At Doug’s Place, Lucas is sore with Eve for encouraging Chloe to take the singing offer in Mexico. Eve only told Chloe to go with her gut. Lucas expresses concern that it’s shady and when he refuses to have a long distance relationship with Chloe, Eve sniffs that he’s being sexist. She bellows about how men expect women to drop everything for them. Lucas accuses her of projecting, then goes.

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At home, Brady tells Maggie about is wager with Eve, that if Ciara wins, he’ll let Eve go and if Claire wins, Eve will give him another shot. They notice Ciara’s winning. “You backed the wrong horse,” says Maggie.

Ciara arrives to the loft after a run. Tripp shows her she’s 87,000 votes ahead of Claire and 20 minutes to go. They kiss as Claire hears Tripp say that Claire will be hurt when she loses. Claire appears and acts hurt. Ciara goes to her room and Tripp suggests Claire stop acting “like a little brat.” Claire gripes, “She started this.” The results are in. Ciara returns. Claire won. Claire acts shocked and throws it in Ciara’s face. She goes while Ciara blames Tripp for voting for Claire. Tripp apologizes but it’s too late. She goes out to think while Tripp wonders how Claire won. He flashes to Claire talking about Theo buying her followers in the past and calls Theo to confront him.

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Eve arrives to the Kiriakis mansion. She, Maggie and Brady debate who will win the new Face of Bella contest. MaggieEpisode # 13322 urges her to consider forgiveness but Eve insists Brady killed her feelings toward him. Maggie leaves the room and Brady asks if that’s true. “Why did you agree to the bet?” Eve shrugs. He wouldn’t let her disagree. Brady scoffs at that. Eve does what she wants. When the results come in, Brady’s bummed that Claire won – by one vote. Eve suggests it was rigged but if Brady did that he’d have bought more than one vote. Claire rushes in, happy she win. Maggie returns and hears the news. They hug and run to find Pop Pop (Victor). Brady asks Eve to dinner and she shoots him down.

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Chloe arrives at Doug’s Place. She tells Lucas she confronted Kate about the job offer and she isn’t behind it. Lucas doesn’t want to hold her back. He wishes her all the best whether they’re together or not. He leaves for a meeting and Chloe calls Mr. Garcia with her decision.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Chloe finally makes a decision about the trip to Mexico.

Ciara reconnects with a guy from the past.

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